Tuesday, July 06, 2004

"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Church responsibilities are slowly but surely piling up.

Since Mark is in Indonesia with the mission team, I will be leading praise for the youth group next Friday night. I was actually supposed to do this Friday also, but I will be busy babysitting the jr high kids at the beach so I asked Andy to take over. It's exciting because I got most of the Broken Movement team to help me out for that night. It's been a long time since we've played together. Then today I got a call from Sung, who asked me to lead praise for EM this Sunday. He's not going to be there and neither is Donny. I'm not terribly excited for this one because I'm not a fan of the EM service (and I'm not alone). It's more serious and boring. Yeah, boring. I dunno how I'm gonna handle this one.

I've joined the jr high staff as a teacher. There has been some drama with the staff because the education department is not letting us "new" teachers teach right away. They want us to go through one year of training first. Yeah, ONE YEAR. We're obviously not fully behind this system since it would leave only two "experienced" teachers (Grace and Julie) to take care of all the kids. Steve JDSN has been discussing the issue with the education department to work something out, but it doesn't look too good right now.

I'm helping out as a teacher, and I'm also in charge of the games/activities with Eric and Diane. We haven't talked or prepared that much yet, mostly because it's difficult to incorporate the retreat theme to the activities. We gotta get started soon.

I have to think of activities for the beach trip on Friday, including 7th grade initiation stuff. I'm horrible with this so why are they putting me in charge? There will be a cafe night/talent show next month for retreat fundraising, and I want to do something for it. I just don't know what, yet. Speaking of cafe night, Solo's church is having one pretty soon and according to him, Broken Movement is supposed to play. Well I haven't heard anything. Hmm.

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