Thursday, July 29, 2004

Something Wicked

Job Search Satus:  I applied to Game Crazy (the one on Orangethorpe and Harbor). I've always wanted to work at a game store, and I think I'm perfect for it, but no luck, yet.


I'm not looking forward to August.

- trip to San Francisco with The Wench for her job interview ($???)
- EM retreat at Pepperdine University for three days ($80)
- The Wench's birthday (Whatdyawant?)
- Seroy's wedding on the 14th (Gotta dress up. Again.)
- that same night, Talent Show/Cafe Night ($4, no ideas yet)
- youth group retreat at Big Bear for four days ($130 for the kids, free for the teachers. I think.)
- "fix" major for school (real estate management -> radio & television)
- take care of all the financial aid stuff ("Gimme money. Please.")
- sign up for classes

- school starts on the 23rd (Last day of youth group retreat, gah.)
- somehow pay the rent

- find a job or die on the streets

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