Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Still Jenny from the Block

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is the best movie of the year. I would've enjoyed it even more if I wasn't being hit on by little high school girls sitting next to me. Idiots!


  1. ahhhhhh i don't like that napoleon dynamite man. he confuses me. i saw Damien pick him randomly from the NYC streets to interview him on MTV and i thought napoleon dynamite was really a random person from the streets who was acting weird and had different thoughts on life and stuff. ek. anyway hi daniel~ oO i wrote a looong comment :) yay for me but boo for you because you had to read my nonsense. muahah.

  2. hit on by flippin high school chicks?? why din't you flippin say so?! i woulda done some regulating, ya kno. GOSH!


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