Thursday, June 03, 2004


I did it. Now let's see how long this one lasts.

I saw a Korean movie called SILMIDO. It was pretty good, but one thing kept bugging me througout the whole movie -- Koreans are masters of overacting. You thought Al Pacino was bad in DEVIL'S ADVOCATE? Imagine 30 Al Pacinos playing soldiers. I've never heard so much yelling and screaming in a movie not titled HALLOWEEN. Enough of the acting, the story was really good. I'm assuming it was based on a true events. Grace cried.

Speaking of Grace, we made a bet before the movie began whether or not it would have subtitles. Since the movie was playing at the Cerritos mall beside TROY, DAY AFTER TOMORROW, SHREK 2, and a bunch of other mainstream American movies, I assumed it would have subtitles. There was no hint of Korean beside the title for SILMIDO. Grace heard from Dustin (who heard from someone else) that the movie didn't have subtitles. She won the bet. Now I have to write THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS for my epic novel by the end of this month. Dammitwhynosubtitlesstupidkoreansikillyou!

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