Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I hate you, Morpheus

First, there was the wavy-haired Japanese guitarist. Now comes the blindfolded Japanese pianist. Man, our far east brothers are hardcore. Yes, I watched all 10 minutes of it.

fortune cookie from, like, a week ago: "A good time to finish up old tasks." I guess it's referring to the three chapters I owe Gracie. Tonight.

I'm gonna be poor again, very soon. I've been splurging on too much stuff. Today I bought all of Hillsong United CD's and musicbooks. ALL OF THEM. I swear this is the last splurge. For this month.

I'm sick. It might have been from the beach, but I think it's more likely that Grace passed her cold on to me. You know, to spite me, 'cause... you know, like, yeah.

I think I've had too many pills.

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