Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I had you at "wet burrito."

My neck got burned from the "training" the other day. It was already pretty dark before, but now there's a bright red ring around it. I'm officially the skinniest redneck alive.

I'm gonna get this done, probably today. I got to keep the first one for only about a month because of the job at Islands two years ago, and now that I'm free for the Summer, I think this will be my last chance. Posted by Hello

So it's the Lakers versus Pistons for the championship. I know Detroit plays great defense, but we all know who's gonna win, don't we? I don't know why I hate the Lakers so much -- maybe because they seem so damn cocky. I know why, it's Shaq. I hate him with passion. I like it when he makes fun of Craig Sager though.

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