Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"No, I'm straight yo."

fortune cookie of the day: "Soon you will be getting the recognition you deserve."

I couldn't be quitting at a better time.

There are a bunch of changes coming into effect at the store. They're changing the pay structure, the commission structure, the rate plans, putting more emphasis on bolt-ons (addons for rate plans like phone insurance, text messaging, etc.) and all that other fun stuff. Our regional agent from Cingular came by to remind us that there will be mystery shoppers at our location very soon. He quizzed us about general Cingular nonsense and advised on how to act when the mystery shoppers come. I don't think I impressed him with my answers and attitude, but oh yeah, I'LL BE GONE AFTER NEXT FRIDAY SO I DON'T CARE WHO YOUR MOM IS JUST BRING IT.

Uhh... sorry. Got a little excited.


  1. did u piss of the mystery shopper??? hehehe....

  2. You mean the Cingular agent? I could tell he was getting irritated. I bet he's gonna tell corporate to fire me. Little does he know...


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