Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Farva Bean

fortune cookie of the day: "There is always time for you to try a new path in life." I sense a pattern here...

I had a good talk with Gracie about few things, notably the jr high group. It's not going too good for them right now without a JDSN, and they need all the help that they can get. I'm planning on going part time in the summer so I can help out more, maybe even take over a class. But my heart goes out to the current 8th grade guys (who are graduating in a month), whom I feel are really in need of guidance, someone who can be there for them and be their big brother. I'm probably not the most qualified person out there, but I think I connect with them. The last few Sundays, I've been sitting down and chatting with them after service, namely Davi, Josh, and Charles. They've been "kicked out" of Paul's class, basically because they cause too much trouble and they don't go to bible study with the right heart and attitude. Davi is the most vocal out of the group, usually joking (usually at someone's expense - which is fine by me) but sometimes very serious. I connect with him the most. Charles is the quiet one. He never talks unless he absolutely has to. I see him as the younger version of Sam. Josh is a tweener. He's not as talkative as Davi, but he's not exactly quiet either. He dresses kinda like a cholo (shades of Solomon) and has an earring. He's tall (taller than me!) and skinny. After talking to them and getting to know them bit by bit, I can see that their heart is in the right place. They're just confused because of all the dumb jr high (and soon high school) BS and they're not motivated for Christ. But who really is at that age? They have a lot to learn, and not having a teacher isn't gonna help. Like I said before, there's a bunch of people out there more suited for the job. The question is, where are they? I'm here, and I'm willing to help. If I do end up being their teacher, I would have to join the high school group. High school is not short on teachers, and they're only looking to add females. Last time I checked, I was too bald to be a girl. Jr high needs more help. Plus there's that whole thing with Dustin leaving praise. Dilemma.

I'm having my first ramen in a long, long time. It's delicious.

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