Monday, May 24, 2004


Final week at Cingular.

Over the weekend, I reapplied to FJC for the Fall semester. I still need to clear up some issues with the financial aid office. They want an ID (driver's license), I don't have one.

Jr high finally got a new JDSN. He spoke on Sunday in a special combined service with jr high and high school. Unlike typical guest speakers, he dove right into the Word instead of introducing himself. The sermon (about loving others) was good too. After service I saw him shooting around at the basketball court -- he's a balla. So far, so good.

I attended the EM service for the first time in a month, and it was actually pretty decent. I know I badmouth EM a lot, perhaps undeservingly (sometimes), but this time I actually enjoyed being there. Kim MSN's sermon was good. The praise was pretty good too.

I played one game of basketball at church then left with Paul to watch Doojin's last playoff game at OKC. His parents came! Mama Paik made me take a picture of the family before the game. She's so funny. The other guys came soon after. Doojin's team killed the other team. Celebration, more pictures. Then we went bowling for Drew's birthday. "EXPLOSION!"

I've laid out my daily Summer plan: training (basketball) at church, work out with Dooj and Pablo, videogames, sleep, rinse, lather, repeat.

I'm sure the plan will be scrapped after two days.

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