Monday, May 31, 2004

Outtasite, Outtamind

I'm now jobless free. Free from the shackles of a thankless, underpaid job. Free from the whiny retards that make up 98.52% of the Cingular customer base. Free from sitting at the computer for 9 hours every day. Free from THE WORST MANAGER IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD. Free from the daily diet of Panda Express, Rubios, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Togos. Free from the ESL rejects at corporate. Free from... paychecks.

Aww crap.

Today I officially started my basketball training. Lesson 1: dribbling. I suck at dribbling. I just shoot jumpers. I decided the first step to expand my game is to work on my dribbling. I dribbled all the way to church (and back) with my left hand. It felt awkward in the beginning since I always dribble with my right hand. The ball would go random places -- it bounced off my feet a few times and I had to chase it down like a dork. I shot around a bit at church, got a slurpee, and came back home. By the end, it felt a little more comfortable dribbling with my left hand.

I'll be helping out for the Summer retreat. John MSN told me yesterday I need to come to the next meeting on the 13th, so I guess I'm in. I think I'm gonna volunteer to teach the 9th graders, the same class I had last Summer. Or should I take the 7th graders, who I'll probably end up with after the retreat? Or maybe they don't even need teachers. Maybe they want me to help out with other stuff. Speaking of which, the guys told me I should lead praise for the retreat. I was horrified and said no. It's a huge reponsibility. I think Mark does a good job with the youth group, and he'll probably end up doing it anyway, so I shouldn't think too much of it.

Too much on my mind, but I don't want to write anymore.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


fortune cookie of the day: "Be cautious in your financial dealings." Damn, you're right.

So the Lakers won. Yawn.

Time went by pretty fast at work today because people were actually coming in to the store for once.

I may do praise for jr high in a couple of weeks. Not 100% sure yet.

Don't have much to write about today.

Monday, May 24, 2004


Final week at Cingular.

Over the weekend, I reapplied to FJC for the Fall semester. I still need to clear up some issues with the financial aid office. They want an ID (driver's license), I don't have one.

Jr high finally got a new JDSN. He spoke on Sunday in a special combined service with jr high and high school. Unlike typical guest speakers, he dove right into the Word instead of introducing himself. The sermon (about loving others) was good too. After service I saw him shooting around at the basketball court -- he's a balla. So far, so good.

I attended the EM service for the first time in a month, and it was actually pretty decent. I know I badmouth EM a lot, perhaps undeservingly (sometimes), but this time I actually enjoyed being there. Kim MSN's sermon was good. The praise was pretty good too.

I played one game of basketball at church then left with Paul to watch Doojin's last playoff game at OKC. His parents came! Mama Paik made me take a picture of the family before the game. She's so funny. The other guys came soon after. Doojin's team killed the other team. Celebration, more pictures. Then we went bowling for Drew's birthday. "EXPLOSION!"

I've laid out my daily Summer plan: training (basketball) at church, work out with Dooj and Pablo, videogames, sleep, rinse, lather, repeat.

I'm sure the plan will be scrapped after two days.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Shrek 2

Hilarious. Although if I were a little kid, I don't think I would get most of the jokes. References to COPS, GHOSTBUSTERS, ALIEN, THE PRINCESS BRIDE, FLASHDANCE, GARFIELD, SHORT CIRCUIT 2... hell, they even parodied an old game - Street Fighter. Whatever, it was fun.

Oh one more thing --

I demand a spinoff movie for PUSS IN BOOTS!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Change of Heart

An interesting twist on the ongoing (for now) saga of my slavery to Cingular:

I received a call (on my cell phone?!) from Vicki Law, the Head Bitch at Corporate(tm).

VL: Danyul? Eet's Bicki.
DC: Yeah.
VL: I juss got yur resignation... I didn't know you were quitting becuz of Tamara. Is that the main reason?
DC: Well it's a big part of it.
VL: How come you never told me?
DC: You mean you didn't know? What has Chase been telling you all these months?
VL: Well, okay. I know what's going on. I know what Tamara's been doing and all that.
DC: Okay...?
VL: But you should have told me if you had a problem with her.
DC: I thought it was obvious.
VL: Okay... if I fix the problem, would you stay?
DC: Uhh...
VL: I mean it's not gonna be right away. We'll probably move her somewhere else. Meanwhile we can have you transfer over to La Habra or something.
DC: Hmm.
VL: Gimme a call later. If you have problems or complaints, you need to tell me.
DC: Are you coming on to me?*
VL: You will be mine!*
DC: First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me. Blow.*
VL: You can't talk to me that way! I AM DA LAW!*

Now I was thinking, if they get rid of Tamara and let me go part time, should I stay?

*Dramatization. May not have been said.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"No, I'm straight yo."

fortune cookie of the day: "Soon you will be getting the recognition you deserve."

I couldn't be quitting at a better time.

There are a bunch of changes coming into effect at the store. They're changing the pay structure, the commission structure, the rate plans, putting more emphasis on bolt-ons (addons for rate plans like phone insurance, text messaging, etc.) and all that other fun stuff. Our regional agent from Cingular came by to remind us that there will be mystery shoppers at our location very soon. He quizzed us about general Cingular nonsense and advised on how to act when the mystery shoppers come. I don't think I impressed him with my answers and attitude, but oh yeah, I'LL BE GONE AFTER NEXT FRIDAY SO I DON'T CARE WHO YOUR MOM IS JUST BRING IT.

Uhh... sorry. Got a little excited.

Friday, May 14, 2004

attn: filthy, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag ho

I turned in my two-weeks-notice today. I was actually planning to stay a bit longer, at least until we (me and Adrian) settled into a new apartment. But guess what, plans suck.

Corporate sent us an email yesterday stating that there's a mandatory meeting at 7:30 am, this Monday. "What's the meeting about?" we asked. The email cryptically stated on the bottom: "PURPOSE - JOB RELATED." Holy monkey on acid wearing diapers, what else could it possibly relate to, your mom? We somehow found out that it was for the new pay structure and blahblahblah and idontgiveafuck and shoveitupyourass and all that good stuff. So I decided not to go. Today I received a call from Vicki, the head bitch at corporate.

DC: Cingular Wireless, how can I help you?
HBC: Danyul? Chase?
DC: Daniel.
HBC: Hi Danyul, eet's Bicki.
DC: Hi.
HBC: Hey I was juss colling to make sure you guys were going to the mee-ting on Monday. You guys will be dere, right?
DC: Uh, I think so.
HBC: Reely? Becus I heard you weren't going.
DC: Who told you that?
HBC: Tamara.
DC: When?
HBC: Today.
DC: Oh yeah?
HBC: So is dat troo? Are you coming or not?
DC: I'm not sure.
HBC: Why not?
DC: Vicki, first of all, I have Mondays off. And second, I'm gonna quit soon.
HBC: Danyul, I don't like your attitude. This is an important meeting about the new pay structure and...
DC: ...
HBC: When are you going to quit? You're supposed to tell me if you're going to quit.
DC: I'm not sure yet.
HBC: Well if you need a ride for the mee-ting we can arrange a ride and
DC: ...
HBC:'re supposed to tell me when you quit.
DC: Okay. Fine. I'll send you an email.
HBC: No! You need to fill out a resignation form!
DC: Where do I get that?
HBC: I'll send you an email.
DC: That's my line, bitch!*

The best part about writing a resignation letter is that for "REASON OF RESIGNATION" I can check mark Unsatisfactory Employment, which I did. And I can fill out the "PLEASE EXPLAIN" part by going on about Tamara the "manager" always leaving early, leaving the store for 5 hours at a time (lying about going to corporate), taking our sales, playing games on her laptop, and AIM'ing all day. Which I did.

May 28 will be my last day.

*Dramatization. May not have been actually said.

"Aww crap."

Can you believe that Lakers game? I mean, come on -- Derek freakin' Fisher?! Homeboy must've been doing his QT's 'cause that was one of the luckiest shots I've ever seen. Ya' see? God does exist!

That's all they're gonna be talking about at church. Glad I ain't goin' tonight. I better not see David wearing a Fisher jersey on Sunday.

At least it wasn't Rick Fox.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Another Dream

The Wench posted on her xanga that she went and saw VAN HELSING. And liked it.

God, what a nightmare.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Save the Last Dance

I had about 8 dreams last night, but I only remember one.

My uncle is a ballroom dance instructor (in real life). In the dream, he had a famous client -- Julia Stiles. (maybe she was "researching" for a new movie) I don't know how it happened, but a dinner was set up between her family and his. And for some unknown reason, I was invited. The dinner was at a really fancy Italian restaurant. On her side were her parents and her grandmother. On my uncle's side were his wife (whose name is also Julia) and me. Hmm. Anyway the food was really good. After dinner, they all started talking about traveling to different countries, starting with Italy ('cause we were at an Italian restaurant... duh). They talked about England, France, Spain, Korea... and when they got to Japan, Julia (Stiles) blurted out that she was going there in few weeks. I asked her if it was for a movie. She said no, just for fun. Then she invited me to go with her. Her family didn't look too pleased, and she quickly excused herself to the restroom, looking rather embarrassed.

I woke up soon after that. I went to sleep early last night 'cause I'm sick, and I woke up a lot, starting at about 4 am. I had a dream each and every time I went back to sleep. I remember that dream because that was the last one I had.

Japan with Julia Stiles? That would've been pretty cool, although I don't particularly like her that much.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Today's episode of SOUTH PARK friggin' rocked. 4 Ninjas, "or you'll poke someone's eye out," and the theme song. Oh, the theme song. Genius.

The wheels are slowly starting to turn and God is putting, I dunno, something in motion. It can't be a coincidence that all these things are happening at once. I'm sure there's more to come.

So who still thinks she's hot?

That's what I thought.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Farva Bean

fortune cookie of the day: "There is always time for you to try a new path in life." I sense a pattern here...

I had a good talk with Gracie about few things, notably the jr high group. It's not going too good for them right now without a JDSN, and they need all the help that they can get. I'm planning on going part time in the summer so I can help out more, maybe even take over a class. But my heart goes out to the current 8th grade guys (who are graduating in a month), whom I feel are really in need of guidance, someone who can be there for them and be their big brother. I'm probably not the most qualified person out there, but I think I connect with them. The last few Sundays, I've been sitting down and chatting with them after service, namely Davi, Josh, and Charles. They've been "kicked out" of Paul's class, basically because they cause too much trouble and they don't go to bible study with the right heart and attitude. Davi is the most vocal out of the group, usually joking (usually at someone's expense - which is fine by me) but sometimes very serious. I connect with him the most. Charles is the quiet one. He never talks unless he absolutely has to. I see him as the younger version of Sam. Josh is a tweener. He's not as talkative as Davi, but he's not exactly quiet either. He dresses kinda like a cholo (shades of Solomon) and has an earring. He's tall (taller than me!) and skinny. After talking to them and getting to know them bit by bit, I can see that their heart is in the right place. They're just confused because of all the dumb jr high (and soon high school) BS and they're not motivated for Christ. But who really is at that age? They have a lot to learn, and not having a teacher isn't gonna help. Like I said before, there's a bunch of people out there more suited for the job. The question is, where are they? I'm here, and I'm willing to help. If I do end up being their teacher, I would have to join the high school group. High school is not short on teachers, and they're only looking to add females. Last time I checked, I was too bald to be a girl. Jr high needs more help. Plus there's that whole thing with Dustin leaving praise. Dilemma.

I'm having my first ramen in a long, long time. It's delicious.

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