Naruto - Episodes 78 & 79

After about 10 episodes of dragging out the same battles a la DRAGONBALL Z, something actually happened in the latest episodes. Hip hip hooray! But where the hell is Rock Lee?!!

Donny's long-promised EM Newsletter (I mean, 'Gazette') came out yesterday. I think we tried something like this before in youth group, but it didn't last too long. Time will tell whether or not history repeats itself. So far, so good though. Donny's the perfect person to be in charge of this thing. There was a movie review by Jenny and a book review by Julie. And Charlotte's Book Club was in there too. Now we just need an article about some environment issues by Grace and a Hip-Hop review by The Wench and it'll be set.

$795 for a 1 bd/1 br apartment right next to church. Not bad.

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