Sunday, April 25, 2004

Flaming Tornado Kick of Doom

Today was the annual picnic day for our church. It was scorching, hotter than it usually is this time of the year. I didn't really do much this time around -- barely ate lunch, played a grand total of one game of basketball...yet I still got my neck, nose, and pretty much all of my face burned. Damn you sun, damn you.

Bunch of us went to In-N-Out afterwards for dinner. It was so damn good. I can't believe I used to hate their burgers. No, really, I did. I only started liking it when Adrian and I did our midnight snack runs while we were living in Anaheim. Ahh...

After dinner we went to Joe's apartment to watch ONG-BAK. Since he doesn't have a DVD player I had take my PS2 to play it. Too bad it didn't work. (PS2 sucks at playing DVD's) I went back and forth couple of times, switching the PS2 with my X-Box. (good thing Joe lives so damn close -- he's about 30 seconds away, walking) I love showing off movies that people don't know about, especially when it's an asskicker like ONG-BAK. I knew it would be a hit with the guys, but damn, they acted like it was the best movie they had ever seen! The movie turned us all into screaming primates. We shouted, gasped, and cheered for every elbow and knee (and sometimes both) that connected with bone-crunching sound effects. This was probably my 6th time watching the movie, but I was still into it with the rest of the guys. God I love this movie.

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