Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Day 23

Happy birthday, Dooj. Now he's only one year away from... uh... hmm... well nothing, really.

I went shopping for new clothes yesterday for the first time in YEARS. My theory is, since trends come and go and come back, I can just keep wearing old clothes until they become "cool" again. But wait, who wants to be trendy? CERTAINLY NOT I! Bring on the new stuff!

My DVD collection for your stalking viewing pleasure. I need to get more.

fortune cookie of the day: Plan to have some fun. With your mom?

Wristbands. I saw a kid wearing three on one arm. He couldn't have been more than 8 years old. You people are out of control.


Point to Ponder: It is never too late to start growing.

Verse to Remember: "Let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God -- what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect." Romans 12:2b (TEV)

Question to Consider: What is one are where you need to stop thinking your way and start thinking God's way?

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