Saturday, December 06, 2003

Day 10

With the ups come the downs. Well I'm not sure what the ups are, but I definitely know about the downs. Looks like my license is going to be suspended. Not like I was using it much, but damn. Also looks like I owe Grand Resort some money. It could be... no, it probably is the final month's rent. I haven't even thought about it since it's been a year, but Adrian called me about it yesterday when he did a credit check for a car. Now that I think about it, I kinda bailed. But $3000?! That's like three months' worth of rent. Unless it's from interest. They could have just sold off the furniture I left, it was probably worth over $1000. Whatever it is, Adrian is without a car, and it looks like it's my fault. Again, damn.

Watch how I segue oh so smoothly into The Purpose Driven Life, aka The Book I've Been Reading For a Friggin' Month.

Point to Ponder: The heart of worship is surrender.

Verse to Remember: "Surrender your whole being to him to be used for righteous purposes." Romans 6:12b (TEV)

Question to Consider: What area of your life are you holding back from God?

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