Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Plot Twist

Got two fortunes from a single cookie.

1. An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune.
I guess this pertains to the whole two-fortunes-in-one-cookie thing. Clever girl.

2. Give your business interests top priority next month.
Too bad I'm not a stock broker, let alone a businessman. I'm just gonna take this one as "you're gonna get fired next month."

Then again, this is the same Panda Express that always charges me $6.66 for my meals. EXPRESS, eh. EXPRESS elevator to HELL!

Today, out of the blue, I got a call from my stepdad. Apparently he's in town. What the hell, squared. He wanted me to pick him up and take him to church on Sunday, and go visit Grams' grave. Since he doesn't know that I'm Civic-less now, I told him something about me having to go to church early and not having much time. (which is kinda sorta true) He still wants to meet up after church. That over there... is that DRAMA I see looming over the horizon?

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