Friday, October 31, 2003

Spoony Bard

Skating in the rain, skating in the rain.
La la la la, skating in the rain.


Falling on my ass, falling on my ass.
La la la la, falling on my ass.

"You're not gonna forget me, are ya?"

What's with strangers calling you "sweetie?"

An old man walked limped into the store yesterday. (no, he's NOT the one that called me "sweetie") He had on a hat that said Iwo Jima Survivor. I would've been scared if his legs weren't thinner than mine. He approached the counter, looked around, then sat down on a chair. He motioned for me to come near him and said, "I can't stand too long. I have to sit." I approached him and he told me to sit next to him. "I can't look up at you. My neck hurts." He was interested in the new number portability program -- the new law that passed that lets you take a cell phone number from another company, say Verizon, and switch it with a new company, say Yourmom -- and we talked for quite a bit. Then (out of nowhere) he asked me if I was a christian. I said yes, and he said "congratulations." Then he asked me if I believed in prayer. I said of course, I can't be a christian and not believe in prayer. Then he proceeded to tell me a story about power of prayer. I'm not going to post it here, it wasn't that great anyway. He also told me how he was at Iwo Jima ("Oh really?") and how he was almost killed a few times, but God got him through it. But the most remarkable part was what he said after: "Don't hesitate to talk about God or prayer to people. I do that with strangers all the time. That's why I asked you if you were a christian."

Then he hobbled out. So random.

No sir, I'll never forget you.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Show Me How to Live

And with the early dawn
Moving right along
I couldn’t buy an eyeful of sleep
And in the aching night
Under satellites
I was not received
Built with stolen parts
A telephone in my heart
Someone get me a priest
To put my mind to bed
This ringing in my head
Is this a cure or is this a disease

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

And in the after-birth
On the quiet earth
Let the stains remind you
You thought you made a man
You better think again
Before my role defines you

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

And in your waiting hands
I will land
And roll out of my skin
And in your final hours
I will stand
Ready to begin
Ready to begin
Ready to begin
Ready to begin

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

Show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Omega Man

Going to church, I got ash in my eyes every five seconds. It was hard to breathe, and my nose got all runny. And the color of the streets -- it seemed like we just got bombed. Kinda scary.

But kinda cool.

I played guitar for EM praise today. We didn't have much time to practice, and the beginning of the service was plagued with computer problems. We didn't have the EM laptop so we had to use the one from the jr high group, which was missing a few songs from our set. And the projecter didn't cooperate with us. I'm sure it was a huge distraction for the congregation, but it got better once everything was fixed. Adrian shared his song "More Than Words" during offering, which was nice. He's gonna be famous someday. Tim Hughes, Matt Redman... Adrian Lee.

Sung approached me after the service and asked me if I would be interested in helping out with EM praise, which surprised me. I guess with Adrian leaving FPC, he needs to fill the void. It's not necessarily joining a praise "team" per se because he wants to continue with having different people leading every Sunday, and he wants me to be one of them. He said he wants more people to try out, not just the same group of people. I told him I'll think about it. It's hard enough doing it for jr high. Unless Paul decides to take over. Ahem.

Dooj and I ruled the ping pong tables. Between him and me, we've seen Ping Pong about 38 times. It probably made a small difference.

I had to pay $50 for a phone that went missing few weeks ago. We still don't know what happened, but the crew is thinking that our regional manager stole it. He's a really shady guy, so I don't blame them. But I think it was just a computer error. The point is, I had to pay $50 because either (a) somebody is a thief, or (b) somebody messed up. Both choices, that somebody is not me. We're splitting the phone price between four of us, and unfortunately Eugene is in that group. He quit three weeks ago, and he still had to deal with this crap. Can you blame him for leaving?

Saturday, October 25, 2003

We are fa-mi-lee.

Nemo's fate.

The path to Mordor.

30 Koreans playing volleyball in a musty gym in a Friday night -- something you don't see everyday. I admit, it was pretty fun. Most of us sucked hardcore, so I didn't feel too bad out there. Our "family" made it to the playoffs, but lost. Shazzbot.

What a boring day at work. Time to go home!

Friday, October 24, 2003


Monday - quesadilla from Taco Mesa for lunch
Wednesday - chicken burrito from Rubio's for lunch
Thursday - carne asada burrito from El Camino Real for lunch

No more Mexican this week. Prease.

Adrian got a job at Best Buy. Mmm home theater system... NO! MUST RESIST! MUST SAVE UP!

Haven't jogged since Tuesday. My legs are still sore. I'm so out of shape.

I think I'll be moving to a new place by next year. I dunno if Adrian still wants to be my roommate, but if he doesn't, I'll still get a place by myself. My credit ain't so good, so I'm going to save up some money for a couple of months and see if I'll have enough for the deposits and all that.

Yeah, I gotta get out of here.

UPDATE: I want to meet this guy and shake his hand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Is nothing sacred?

Just heard Taking Back Sunday's "Cute Without the 'E'" on KROQ.

Damn you, Stryker. Damn you.

Buy Into Heaven

Money back guaranteed! Hah.

Run Boner Run

I've decided to start jogging in the morning. I realized that I eat too much junk food, and I don't exercise at all to counterbalance that. Of course it never shows on my body -- I'll be a thin boy 'til the day I die. But still, after watching Ippo train like a maniac and go from chump to CHAMP on Hajime no Ippo, I was inspired. I will run every other day (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) to church for morning prayer. As Adrian said, it will be good for me both physically and spiritually. Let's see how long he lasts, folks.

Today is Tuesday. So did I start today? Yes I did. And? How was it? I almost puked at church.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

"I know, Jerry. I was being ironical."

Max Payne 2 runs so damn nice on my comp. Correction: ran so damn nice on my comp. I started the game last night. I finished it this afternoon. Damn that's short. Still, it was a blast, uh, blasting guys in slow-mo in a beautiful ballet of bullets. HAHA. Dontcha love how people say "ballet of bullets" whenever they try to describe a cool shootout in a movie or a game? This all started with John Woo flicks. What the hell is "bullet ballet?" Which "clever" dude thought of that one?

What, you've never heard of it before? Maybe it's just me.

I stayed home today and rested. It was nice. I miss staying home and doing nothing. I used to do that everyday only three months ago, then I got a full time job. It's funny -- back then all I had was time, but I didn't have money to buy anything like games or DVD's. Now that I have a job, I can afford to get those things, yet I don't have time to enjoy them.

I can't stand living here anymore. I want out. NOW.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

HP down

I will not be going to church this week. I dunno, I guess I just want to rest. I asked Paul to do praise on Sunday. Denise called me on Thursday and asked me if I could lead praise Friday night since the youth group was going to the beach, and they needed someone to do it for the jr high kids. Thankfully Unfortunately, one of the employees didn't show up, so I couldn't leave early for church. Guess I'll be staying home this weekend.

With three new people at work, I've become the veteran. How funny is that? This much. I started only three months ago and now I'm training these girls (and a guy). That's just not right.

I finished Lullaby. Great book. You won't believe how it ends. How do people think up this kind of stuff? I wish I can come up with something as original.

The Wench made me draw a picture. So I did. Took me only three motherfreakin' hours. I forgot how much I used to enjoy drawing.

Here we go again.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Dodge this.

Wanna be in a movie?

Work sucks. I think I'm going to be fired soon. It's inevitable.

I need a car. Anyone have/know any good deals?

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I got my Radeon today! Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro. Mmmmmmmmmm. Now I need to test it out on something good. I'm looking at you, Max Payne. I also got three new dvds, all Asian. (one Chinese, one Japanese, and one korean)

Where the hell are Steve's parents?

Monday, October 13, 2003

Bang Bang

I saw it again today. I love the song that plays during the fight between Uma and Lucy Liu. I'm getting the freakin' soundtrack tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Here comes the bride.


I had high expectations for this film, and it did not disappoint. Awesome action, awesome music, awesome cinematography, awesome anime (yes, anime), just awesome awesome awesome. Oh and the blood -- good lord THE BLOOD! I loved it. Yes I'm a sicko. Tarantino paid tributes to a lot of old, obscure films that most of the public wouldn't notice, but that film geeks would love. You may call this "copying" or "stealing" or whatever you want, but I say he makes them his own. Look at The Matrix. That movie borrowed heavily from Hong Kong flicks, John Woo, anime, Philip K. Dick, etc. But the Wachowski brothers put all those things together and made a really cool movie that felt fresh. It's a similar case with Kill Bill. The only complaint I have is that the movie was cut in two. The way this "volume" ends, it's done really well. It leaves you wanting more. But I would have preferred it as a three-hour movie. I have to wait 'til February to find out how the whole thing ends. Guess I'm gonna have to see volume one over and over 'til then.

I think Uma can kick Keanu's ass.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm a fucking idiot.

This chubby black guy comes in to the store and asks if I could change four $5 bills for a $20 bill. I tell him I can, check in the cash drawer, pull out the only 20 left, and give it to him. He hands me the four bills. I take it, turn around, and put them back in the drawer. He says, "dude, what is this? You gave me a dollar bill." I look back, and lo and behold, he's holding a dollar bill. Feeling like a moron, I look back in the drawer and tell him we're out of $20 bills. He says he'll just take two 10's. I hand them over. He leaves.

2 seconds after he leaves the store, I realize what just happened. I got fucking duped! I ask Tamara (the new girl) after she comes out of the bathroom if we had any 20's in the drawer. She says we should have just one.

Feeling like an even bigger moron, I bang my head on the desk. Repeatedly.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Aye aye, Cap'n.

fortune cookie says: "Do something unusual tomorrow."

Tomorrow would be Friday, October 10th, aka KBD, as in Kill Bill Day. I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. I've been reading and keeping up with it for about two years. Quentin Tarantino is my hero. He's doing what I want to do -- writing and directing movies, the way he wants to. He is the biggest film geek on earth. He's seen more movies than me and you put together, cubed. He has impeccable taste in music, and uses them perfectly in his movies. And the man can write. Best. Dialogue. Ever.

Think I'm looking forward to Kill Bill?

Tomorrow is also praise night at TGSC, Solo's new church. He's leading it. I'm so proud. Our little keyboardist has grown up. Sniff. It's awesome to see how he's grown and serving God at a whole new place. I'm looking forward to your singing, Solo. Make me cry.

There's a meeting on Sunday for work, at the La Habra store. Apparently it's very important, which means it's very mandatory. It was supposed to be at 10 am (which means I would've missed jr high worship), but they changed it to 6 pm. I would rather have it in the morning than go at the end of the day, but meh.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Oh snap.

I heard a great AM/PM commercial on the radio tonight. It starts with a guy talking about cannibals that like to eat "toes". It's not that funny, but it made me grin like an idiot nonetheless.

Got a new phone. Sony Ericsson T616. Camera-phone. Gonna have some fun with this one. I would post the new number up here, but I don't know if there are any creepy rapists with skinny-white-boy fetish out there reading this, so it'll be up on my AIM profile.

Or just friggin' ask. Damn trolls.

Sunday, October 05, 2003


My stepdad came to church and talked with me for a bit before the jr high worship started. He wanted to visit Grams' grave after service, but come back in time so he can go back with Jason's parents. Doojin graciously let me borrow his car, and we were on our way. We stopped and got white roses for Grams before heading up to Rose Hills. It took some time to find her grave (I haven't visited in a long time). He did that bowing thing that Koreans do. As I sat down and cleaned her plaque, tears started falling from my eyes. I miss her. A lot.

We had a nice talk -- about Mom, their store, aunt Sara and her husband Don and how they live right next to my parents, my job, my plans, etc etc. He had to come back because his visa was about to expire, and he talked about how hard it was to get through the airport security. It was tough because he had been out of the country for two years. He thinks Mom wouldn't be able to come here because of her credit and tax problems. He said they're doing okay in Korea -- business is pretty slow, but they make enough to go on. And Mom's happy since aunt Sara is nearby. Apparently she hasn't been calling because of work, and whenever she does try to contact me, I'm not home. Hmm.

We went back to church and said our goodbyes. He's leaving on Tuesday afternoon, and I won't be able to see him off due to work.

I was supposed to do praise for EM with the Broken Movement team, but I think I lucked out by having to miss the service; it ended at four. They looked like zombies coming out of the sanctuary. "Ahhh, so bright! What day is it?"

I bought dinner for Grace and Amy for "winning" our bet from several months ago. The Wench came too -- I'm sure she enjoyed every painful minute. I lost my phone at the restaurant. I was supposed to give it back to Steve's parents on Tuesday. Great joke, Lord.

Day off tomorrow. Time to relax.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Part I

Nothing worth writing about, except for the fact that I got off work few hours early today. So this post will be filled with some random pictures.

1. Swallowed Whole

A rainbow trout fingerling peers out from the gullet of a northern pike at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game aquarium in Anchorage.

2. A Romp in Russia

A polar bear cub plays near his mother at the Moscow Zoo.

3. Moonshot

Flying at nearly 35,000 feet, a jet passes over the disk of a winter half moon above Boston on Jan. 3 The jet leaves contrails in its wake due to the temperature difference between the hot engine exhaust and the cold air.

4. Red Square Reflection

The Kremlin's Spassky Tower and passers-by are reflected in the wet cobblestones of Moscow's Red Square on Feb. 13.

5. A Galaxy's Sharp Edge

An image produced by the Hubble Space Telescope, released March 1, shows a perfect "edge-on" perspective of the galaxy NGC 4013, with huge clouds of dust and gas extending above the galaxy's main disk.

6. Light of the World

This composite image shows what Earth looks like at night. City lights highlight developed areas of the planet.

7. Mother and Child

An ethnic Albanian refugee from Selce, Macedonia, and her child look through the window of a bus as they arrive in Prizren in Kosovo on March 27, after fleeing the fighting in Macedonia two days earlier.

8. A Useful Lesson

A German Shepherd named Pepper sits with two endangered Bengal tiger cubs and a cougar cub, far right, at the home of veterinarian Rob Zammit outside Sydney, Australia.

9. Great White Whale

A beluga whale swims in a tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.

10. Puppy Love

Crystal, a year-old black Labrador-Dalmatian mix, peers through a heart-shaped hole in a fence.

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Plot Twist

Got two fortunes from a single cookie.

1. An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune.
I guess this pertains to the whole two-fortunes-in-one-cookie thing. Clever girl.

2. Give your business interests top priority next month.
Too bad I'm not a stock broker, let alone a businessman. I'm just gonna take this one as "you're gonna get fired next month."

Then again, this is the same Panda Express that always charges me $6.66 for my meals. EXPRESS, eh. EXPRESS elevator to HELL!

Today, out of the blue, I got a call from my stepdad. Apparently he's in town. What the hell, squared. He wanted me to pick him up and take him to church on Sunday, and go visit Grams' grave. Since he doesn't know that I'm Civic-less now, I told him something about me having to go to church early and not having much time. (which is kinda sorta true) He still wants to meet up after church. That over there... is that DRAMA I see looming over the horizon?

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