Friday, September 26, 2003

I will not do that thing with my tongue.

Went to the beach early in the morning (7 am to be exact) with Grace. I got some nice fresh ocean air and read a few chapters of Lullaby. I had to come back to Fullerton for work, while Grace stayed so she can reserve a pit for the jr high bonfire tonight.

Heard some news from Robert which kinda made me mad. But I wasn't too surprised.

I'm starting to hate my job. I hate the new girl. And there's another one coming. I hate putting up with stupid customers. If you get a $700 cell phone bill for going over your minutes, don't come in to our store and ask for help. You don't deserve any. Drama, drama, drama.

Eugene let me leave at 6. I went back to the beach with a few kids - Sarah Suh (Mike's younger sister), Anna Cho, James Chung, and his friend Kevin. They were quiet. Too quiet. I tried a few times to start a conversation, but failed miserably. When we got there, we found Grace sitting in the dark by herself. She had been reading and sleeping all day, that nerd. There were hot dogs and junk food, kids running around screaming their bloody little heads off -- the usual beach sights. Suelynn is so dang cute. "Sunburn from the bonfire." The waves looked friggin' AMAZING. They were glowing with these blueish streaks on the side, very very cool.

We didn't get stay that long. We got back to church around 10, and Paul and I had our practice session for Sunday.

EM looks like they're really bonding through this "family" thing. I don't feel like I'm part of it -- just an observer. I missed the retreat, which was when this whole thing pretty much came together, and I haven't been to any of their recent activities. Dustin tells me I'm part of his family, but whatever. I don't have a family.

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