Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I spent all day wearing a friggin' tie.

Looks like my prayer's been finally answered. No, not about the tie. I finally landed a job. I dropped off my resume at PCS Station (Cingular) in Amerige Heights on Monday, and I officially had an interview yesterday at their corporate office. I was supposed to do the interview with a lady named Vicki -- I think she's the regional manager or something like that -- but she wasn't there. So I had to do it with Leon. Who's Leon? Oh he's no one special. He's just the vice president of the freaking company. And a lot of people are scared of him. But I didn't know that until after the interview. It wasn't so bad, he was a pretty cool guy. He did make a comment about me standing with my hands in my pocket, though. I was officially hired, did all the paperwork, went to the La Habra store and did some training with Robert. The job itself doesn't seem too hard, but it was a bit overwhelming 'cause it was my first day. A big thanks goes out to Robert and his friend Eugene, they made all this possible. And thanks to Doojin -- he's been driving me around like the bus driver that he's become. (I could walk from now on, the store is pretty close.)

I'm on as a full-time sales rep. I'll be working pretty much everyday except Sunday. I've been praying for it because I have so much free time, and I need money, so I'm glad it happened. But now I'll have no life. You had no life anyway. Okay, true. But before I had lots of time to do something if the opportunity came up. Now I have no time. At least I won't feel like a worthless bum.

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