Wednesday, July 30, 2003

"For death and glory?"
"We'll get the rapies."

I read through some old blogposts yesterday, and it made me realize that I write some stupid crap on here. But it was kinda fun reading about what I was going through back then. Guess that's all that matters.

The mission team is back. Sort of. They had to go to Colorado for debriefing of sorts. I didn't plan on going to the airport for the whole "welcoming" thing, yet there I was -- at LAX, sitting on the hard, uncomfortable chair and waiting for them to emerge out of customs. I shouldn't have gone. I was tired and cranky, and I just wanted to be sleeping on my comfy bed at home.

Adrian and I had our share of laughs at the Korean restaurant where we had dinner. Why do we laugh at the MOST STUPIDEST THINGS? And how do we come up with them?

Dirty, your glasses are friggin' HOT.

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