Monday, June 23, 2003

We practiced for the youth group retreat today. It was hella long. It started out pretty rough -- they're doing construction stuff on the whole building, including the main sanctuary, so it was really messy and chaotic in there. Plus it reeked of paint. Paint reekage = headaches = fun times. Everybody was pretty much out of it, so we just spontaneously stopped the practice and prayed for each other for like an hour. After that, it was all good. I'm glad Doosuan joined the team; it's nice to have another electric guitar. I couldn't do all the crazy solos by myself.

Kim MSN is letting me use his Accord for this week. I don't know how to react when people help me out like this. I'm not used to it -- it's foreign to me. I know I'm supposed to say "thank you," but even that takes effort. Why am I this way?



My posts have been pretty short lately. Di'ja notice?

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