Monday, June 02, 2003

"It's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything."

Things are tough.

Last week, I went on a job search with no results to show for it; none of the places I've applied to have called me back. There's still a couple of places that I haven't tried yet, like Fry's, which is hiring according to Adrian. I need to get a job ASAP. I'm flat broke, and I need to take care of other expenses that have piled up recently. Which leads me to...

My car has been giving me more trouble than it's worth. I still have about 5-6 payments left, so I still won't technically own the thing until around October. I got a huge $700 ticket about a month ago because of my expired registration and driving without insurance. And last Friday the car was towed right in front of our apartment for the same exact reason -- apparently you're not allowed to park on public streets with an expired registration. That cost me almost $200. And all this started because I forgot to notify the DMV of my new address when I moved last Summer, and I was too damn lazy to renew the registration myself. Now that simple mistake (and laziness) is going to cost me a grand. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the failed smog test, which is caused by something with the car that usually costs around $300 to fix.

Money is my worst enemy.

I asked Paul Oh to lead praise for jr high today because these thoughts have been pervading my head -- I would stay up till 5 am thinking and worrying -- and I couldn't get myself to put the guitar on my lap and sing a song thanking the Lord for "all the blessings". But hanging out with my buddies and having their support (huge thanks to Dooj -- it wouldn't haven been possible to get my car back without his help), meeting with the Broken Movement team, and going to church and being around church people, jr high kids, teachers, and pastors -- these things reminded me that God is still with me, that he's putting me through this (probably to teach me not to be so friggin' lazy), and he's behind me through thick and thin. These reminders led me to pray, and praise.

Broken Movement is starting up practices again soon, which is exciting. We'll be leading more praise rallies and other events, hopefully really soon. We had our first fundraiser today; we're raising money to get our own P.A. and other equipment. You do want us to sound good, right?

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