Tuesday, June 17, 2003

"I feel bigger." - The Beast, currently taking Creatine

I started off the day by going to Kim MSN's place for lunch; they threw a little get-together for all the college graduates. Sadly, there was no carne this time. Dooj and I had to leave early to prepare for the retreat praise practice.

The practice went okay. I was again reminded how bad I suck on the guitar. I am the sUx. We watched a video on leading worship, which was pretty helpful. And we tried something new -- we spent the whole time just doing one song -- just analyzing what's going on each part, working on each transistion, figuring out what's needed and what's not, stuff like that. It's not something that we've really tried before, so we're not really good at it, but I think in the long run it'll help us a lot. It was definitely a challenge for me.

I love riding my skateboard late at night. If I didn't live in this ghetto neighborhood, I would stay out longer than five minutes.

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