Monday, June 09, 2003

Creeper Face

It was a long weekend -- don't know why really, just feels like it.

I led praise for EM with Adrian. We didn't really get to practice that much, and we didn't even have the songs in any particular order. I didn't really hear anyone singing (and Adrian later confirmed that he didn't hear anyone either) so I assumed it was a disaster. But later that night we had a few people come and tell us that it was an awesome time of worship. Uhh...

Had a blast trying to conjure up my old spanish vocabulary to talk to Guadalupe, our friendly latino buddy with Alzheimer's disease.

Possible future as an actor? Denise and Janet seem to think so. Well if they ever make Better Luck Tomorrow 2, I might have a chance.

We played basketball at 24 as usual. I got into a little riff raff with Mark, but everything's cool now. I think.

I helped out at church with the manufacturing of the "world famous" Mama Mira's salad dressing. I got to play with the glue spray for like 2 hours. Good times. After dinner, we were planning to go watch Finding Nemo, but ended up going to Doojin's house to watch The Animatrix. Dooj and Adrian fell asleep halfway thorugh, then John joined them in Lala-land at the last short film.

I woke up at 10:30, and was late for practice with Paul. Good leader, I am. Praise time was alright -- I'm not sure if they liked the new song or not.

We had a meeting for the youth group retreat, which is in August. We talked about possible themes for the retreat, and designated leaders for activities, fundraising, stuff like that. Mark surprisingly asked Adrian to lead praise at the retreat. It's weird, 'cause I know he likes doing it, so why would he give it up? He said he would be too busy preparing activities... I dunno. Anyway, this gives our team an opportunity to lead worship, which is awesome. "God will open doors for us." Indeed.

Today was Steve's birthday, so we had a BBQ at Kim MSN's place. Good times. Happy birthday, Beast.

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