Thursday, June 26, 2003

Calvin: Let's try this path over here!
Hobbes: I don't see a path.
Calvin: We'll make a path!

I went to the beach with Dirty Di.* She frolicked in the sand while I just sat and watched. Good times.

I got my Amelie fix. I like that movie more after seeing it again. It's pretty brilliant.

I hung out with Amy and Grace, and watched Bruce Almighty. (again) Now that Amy's seen it, she has teamed up with Grace and they're adding it to the ever-growing list of movies that are about Daniel Cho.**

Steve got cut pretty bad after he tried to "break in" to our apartment through the window -- he forgot his keys inside. I couldn't help him 'cause I was 20 miles away. Poor guy. Hope he's okay.

* (c) 2003 Daniel Cho.
** Two, now three movies on the list. You know what they are.

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