Sunday, June 15, 2003

Another Weekend Roundup

Thursday Night/Friday Morning
The craj happened. It's just... wow.

Yeah. It's kinda like that.

The rest of Friday
Didn't sleep at all. Went to Parks' 8th grade graduation, which was at 9 in the freakin' morning. Why so damn early? They gotta make those kids suffer one last time? And their parents and family along with them? It was pretty long, and boring. We took pictures and stuff afterwards. I fell asleep in the car on the way back to church. I helped Denise shop for the Sea World trip and also for Amy's birthday gift. Went home around 2 pm and conked out on my bed.

I woke up at 6:30. Headed back to church. Went to Youth Group praise, then to the family meeting at A&J's. Both pretty dry. We had a lock-in for the jr high kids that were going to Sea World the next day. I wrote a new song (with Paul's help): "Jesus, tu eres mi amigo." It has just one part: "Jesus, tu eres mi amigo." I'm going national, kids.

We woke up around 7 and headed to Sea World. They actually have rides there now. Crazy. The dolphin show was cool. ("Wow! Look at those! Dolphins!") The haunted lighthouse show in 3D was friggin' gay. The only notable thing about that was it had that girl from The Ring. Yup, Samara. The Shamu show was kinda disappointing. They're not as mobile as the dolphins, so they weren't as impressive. And that can't be the
same Shamu I saw in 8th grade. I'm sure they replace him/her every year or so. Wild Arctic (the helicopter ride) was awesome. What kind of amazing helicoper goes under water?

Those jr high kids laugh at everything I say. Kids are so easy.

We celebrated Amy's birthday at this Peruvian restaurant in Anaheim. I felt like I was out of my element since it was the first time meeting some of her friends, and I was the second youngest there. But it wasn't too bad. And the food was pretty good. Amazing.

I'm glad she liked my gift. I thought it would disappoint.

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