Sunday, May 11, 2003

"You must be really full-affle."

I ended up going to the Young Adult Retreat on Friday, mostly due to Kim MSN's persistence. I didn't want to go, frankly because they're friggin' old, and I would be the youngest one there, along with Charlotte, Jane, and Hana. But Kim MSN talked me into it, saying how it'll be fun, relaxed, and "we'll bond and get to know each other more" and yadda yadda yadda. They'll have good food, at least. So I went. It was very relaxed and casual, not really "retreatish" at all. Most of the time was spent just hanging around, playing ping pong, eating, watching basketball games on TV, stuff like that. We played a lot of games on Saturday night -- lots of laughs. It all culminated later that night when few guys decided to -- with some prodding and pleading from Janet and Amy -- light their farts with fire.

They told me it was going to be a "relaxed" retreat, but I had no idea how "relaxed" they were gonna be.

Fun stuff. Even sharing time was cool. Normally I hate these things, but this one was better than most. My group consisted of John, Janet, Jane, Hana, and Sero. I felt comfortable with the group, so sharing time was (repeated theme of the day) relaxed. It was encouraging to hear about the struggles that they were going through, knowing that we're all basically on the same boat, and praying for each other.

I hung out with Grace and Amy today. We hadn't done that in a while, so it was cool. I found out that Grace is a stud-ette. She had has guys lined up all over the world. Craj.

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