Tuesday, May 27, 2003


We went to Big Bear with the jr high kids. Not too many kids showed up, but it turned out perfect since we had no more room in the van. We ate hot dogs for dinner and played cards. A lot. Oh and we talked about cartoon theme songs, which led to Captain Planet, which led to the running joke of the whole camping trip: "heart". Kevin likes Lord of the Rings, so we quoted lines from the movies all night. "Put it out you fools!"

We went biking, which turned out to be really fun. I'm sure to the average Big Bear citizen that the sight of 11 Koreans riding 11 identical bikes along their road would look pretty foreign (and gay), but we didn't care. We had a picnic after, then went to the lake to play. Then something bad happened, which I'm not sure I can really discuss, so that's that. This changed the whole mood of the trip.

Packing took like three hours, I swear. Props to Michael, who sat around and did not a damn thing. Just kidding Mikey. You know I love ya. We got done around 11:30. We had to leave the campground by noon, so we skipped worship and came straight to church. EM service was alright; I was too tired to really focus. Adrian played my Helga for praise, which sounded really good with his new delay. A lot of Old Fools* told me they were going to play basketball at 24 Hour Fitness later on at night, so I told them I'd be there and went to Doojin's house with Eric. Heidi and Minhee were there working on their video project. They were having some trouble on the computer, but we couldn't really help. We watched 25th Hour -- which was really good; another solid turn by Edward Norton -- then went to Moca for super fries. By that time it was around 10:30, so we headed to 24 Hour Fitness. We played a couple of games against some GAY ASS GUYS. And I got blocked hard by one of these GAY ASS GUYS. Embarrasing. We played another game since no one else had showed up, and got worked by the GAY ASS GUYS. We were there 'till around 1 am, and none of the Old Fools* showed up. They didn't even call. And they were the ones that arranged the whole thing in the first place.

* Copyright (c) 2003 by Daniel Cho; this is what I'm going to call the young adult MEN from now on. Probably not to their face -- they outweigh me.

I slept over at Doojin's, and had some funky dreams, which I can't remember. Speaking of dreams, I had like four about her at the camping trip. The kids didn't say anything about me sleeptalking, which is good.


Heidi and Minhee came over again to work on their project. Doojin's dad was stuck on Beach and Rosecrans because his Mercedes wasn't starting up, so we had to go there and help him out. Turned out that the battery died, and jumpstarting it didn't help, so we called in roadside assistance. Doojin's dad had to go somewhere, so I got to drive the car back to his house after they changed batteries.

That'll be my first and last time I'll ever get to drive a friggin' Mercedes.

It was so smooth. And powerful. Ahhhhh.

CIA (me, Dooj, and Paul) had some interesting conversations about their old high school friends. I don't know if it was the Final Fantasy piano music that was playing on Doojin's CD player or something else, but I reminisced about my old friends whom I haven't seen since graduation. That's five friggin' years. Sad. I wonder how they're doing. Those bums probably forgot about me.

The "facial hair" is going. I just look like a 16 year old kid with dirt on my chin.

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