Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Matrix Redux

Kung fu, check. Bullet-time, check. Lots of guns, hmm... not that many. Oh well. I'm gonna divide the movie into sections.

Opening Scene: Trinity kicking ass. Just like the first movie. Cool.

Morpheus' Speech: Mel Gibson did better in Braveheart.

The Rave/Sex Scene: Totally unnecessary. And it just kept going, and going...

Neo vs Seraph: Pointless. And unimpressive. And the worst line in the movie. "You don't know a person..."

Meeting with the Oracle: Heh. She's funny, ain't she?

Neo vs the Smiths: Cool ass fight, and technically very impressive. Why didn't Neo just blow him up like before?

Lunch with the Frenchies: What the hell was up with that "dessert"? The Wachowskis are perverts, man. Mmm, Monica Bellucci...

Chateau Fight: Weapons! Yes! Bloodless! No!

Freeway Car Chase: My favorite scene of the movie. It's friggin' long, and kicks mucho ass. Trinity was awesome on the Ducati. And who looks cooler than Morpheus with that sword? NOBODY.

"The Architect": What the hell is going on? The dude speaks English, yet I don't understand what he's saying. The 100 Keanus (hahaha Keanus) were funny though.

Ending Scene, Part One: The end is the beginning is the end. Keanu for Superman!

Ending Scene, Part Two: A cliffhanger. Oooooh. "To be concluded."

The Matrix Revolutions -- teaser: Stay 'till the end of the credits. Rain is cool.

Concluding Thoughts: It was good, but I was expecting more. I think I prefer the first one.

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