Thursday, May 01, 2003

Five Dreams, One Morning

1. I was at a beach house with my family. The thing is, in this "version" of my family, I had a father and two brothers, one older and one younger. (so I was the middle child) I guess we were pretty rich too 'cause the beach house was really nice. We swam in the ocean, built sandcastles, and all that other beach stuff. Then, inside the house, my mom suddenly fell to the ground and started convulsing. This is when it got all weird. I looked at her, and it was like I was looking at her through a computer monitor. I could see all this information popping up, like those pop-up boxes on the Internet telling you if you can smack the monkey you win $1000, but these particular boxes had names of diseases, illnesses, cancers, anything bad you can think of. I tried to close these boxes, but more kept appearing, faster and faster. I couldn't close them all. And this was all INSIDE MY HEAD. After a while, I gave up. I looked at my mom -- she looked different. She looked like my grandma, only without the gray hair. Then I woke up. 5:50 AM.

2. I was back at my old house in Garden Grove (ahhhhh yes), alone. I was in my room when I heard someone in my backyard. I looked at my window and saw that the fence around my house was broken, and this little black girl was coming through the part that's broken, with a swimsuit on. She was obviously going to swim in my pool. Hey! What the hell are you doing? She looked startled, then ran back to her house. I checked my backyard, and there were two other girls in their swimsuits. They ran the second they saw me, to my garage out of all places! I followed them. The garage door was open! So that's how they got in. Hey! You guys can swim in the pool if you want. Just don't sneak around my house like thieves. All you had to do was ask. All three came out (I think one was in the bushes), then they gave me a huge smile, ran, and jumped into my pool. Stupid little girls. 6:36 AM.

3. Remember the movie (or the book) White Fang? Well this was kinda like that. I was in Alaska or something, and I had this white friend -- I'll call him Tyler. We both had dogs, huskies. They were big and strong, but gentle enough so that we could play with them and not get our heads bitten off. One day we went up these huge mountains with our huskies. Then the snow under Tyler gave out and he fell about 20 feet down. He had this crazy long whip though, and he used it to save himself. Then I woke up. 7:23 AM.

4. This one's a little hazy. I was at this huge mansion, and Cyclops was there. Yeah the guy from X-Men. We were looking for someone, and he shot beams through bedroom doors (which were made out of glass for some reason), but we didn't find whoever we were looking for. That's about all I remember. 9:15 AM.

5. All I remember about this one is that I wasn't in it, and it was in those ancient times in Korea, when all the guys had long beards and wore those black hats. Blarg. Boooooooring. 10:42 AM.

I'm open to any (useful) interpretations.

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