Wednesday, April 09, 2003

"You want recon, I'M YOUR MAN!"

Today was the annual "Steak Day" at Kim MSN's home for our small group. Actually we do it more than once a year, but who cares. Anyway we had lots of meat, ice cream, fruits, and snacks. I'm usually not totally full after meals, but tonight I was. I couldn't move for a while. After dinner we talked about a lot of things: the war in Iraq, the basketball tournament at the upcoming church picnic, old action movie stars, etc. Oh, and paintball. People from EM and youth group will be going to play on the Saturday before the picnic. I wasn't really planning on going -- I'm friggin' broke. But after all that talk about shooting people, I got really excited about it. Damn you Adrian. Paul, Adrian, John, and Doos all have their own guns, so they'll be kicking arse all day. Damn you guys.

I've been getting fed really well this week. Monday -- Korean BBQ at Dooj's house. Tuesday -- Rubio's on Michelle's mom. Today -- see previous paragraph. God's taking care of me.

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