Wednesday, April 23, 2003

"We're entering another world!"

The FF crew and I went down to San Diego to visit David.

But first, we had a little detour at Denise's parents' house in Oceanside to see her "cute" dogs. These "cute" dogs turned out to be chihuahuas giant rats. "Okay let's go." Their house was very nice though.

We drove for another 30 miles to get to David's place. His apartment turned out to be located really close to the place where we had our CCC Christmas conference. We even went to the same exact mall (Fashion Valley) I visited with my buddies back in December. David had a class at 4 till 5:30, so we decided to kill some time at the said mall. After looking around a few stores, the girls thought of a cruel, heinous "game", which I shall not describe any further. They spent the last 30 minutes getting makeovers at some makeup place. Pure joy, my friends. David finally came and rescued me from insanity.

Note to self: Never, ever go to the mall with three girls. Especially when you're the only guy.

We went down to the beach area for dinner. Interesting note: San Diego uses this weird parking meter scheme, where they use this mailbox sort of thing at a parking lot where you insert bills into a little slot designated for your parking spot. And there's no meter. No guard. Nothing. You just park and insert bills with a "bill-sticking stick". Moving on. After walking around a bit, we decided to eat at Moondoggies, a sports bar/grill type of place. Food was okay.

We bid farewell to David and went on our way back home. During the trip back we had a conversation about soulmates for oh, the 65th time. Of course I'm the only one who doesn't believe in soulmates. What a bunch of crap.

Running joke of the day 1: Jane's Spanish pronunciation for regular English words. (i.e. Alkaline Trio into "alkalantrio")
Running joke of the day 2: Denise trying to "silently" blow her nose.
Running joke of the day 3: "WO!"

I went to 24 Hour Fitness and played basketball with Jason, Kareem MSN, and Steve. Jason and Kareem's team dominated the whole time and killed every team they faced. It was no fun playing against them. I made a 3 pointer on Jason though. :) (only 'cause he let me) After basketball, Jason and I had a nice little workout session. The ab-ball was killer. I hate that damn ball. When the hell am I gonna get a six pack?! Never...

It was a nice day. I wish my days were always like this.

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