Tuesday, April 08, 2003

"Wake me up when it's done."

Another Tuesday, another sweep ticket. Damn you Buena Park.

I went to Garden Grove to see my uncle, but he wasn't at his studio. I guess he was out for lunch. What a waste of gas. I spent the rest of the day at Michelle's house, fixing her DSL problem. Sam (aka Eric's fob, aka fob #2) supposedly was there every day last week trying to make it work, but the only thing he managed to do was mess up Windows XP on the brand new computer so that it won't boot up. Nice. After a while, I got it to work, and Michelle's mom treated me to dinner. I chose Rubio's. We saw Simon and his new girlfriend there, and we also saw Steve and his girlfriend mom.

I talked to Grace. She seems to be having a good time in South Africa, what with all those "ticked off" baboons screaming around. Just remember to stay off the water, Gracie.

I've been working out at 3 am these days. It's cool 'cause the place is practically empty, so I have all the machines to myself. No people = no one to make fun of my weak sauce attempt at gaining mass.

BrokenMovement (10:38:55 PM): man
BrokenMovement (10:38:56 PM): i'm hungry
DBones80 (10:39:02 PM): dude
DBones80 (10:39:03 PM): me too
BrokenMovement (10:39:16 PM): remember our in n out runs?
DBones80 (10:39:19 PM): HAHAHAHA
BrokenMovement (10:39:22 PM): hahaha
DBones80 (10:39:23 PM): I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THAT!
BrokenMovement (10:39:26 PM): hahahahaha
DBones80 (10:39:26 PM): HAHAAHAHA
DBones80 (10:39:30 PM): man
BrokenMovement (10:39:32 PM): never fails
DBones80 (10:39:33 PM): it's scary man
BrokenMovement (10:39:34 PM): we still have it

sunny days, oh where have you gone?

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