Thursday, April 17, 2003

"I hope ya'll come back next year."

Da Clips were magnificent.

Eric, Dooj, Paul, Dustin, J. Lo, David, and I went to the Staples Center tonight to watch the final Clippers game of the season. They had a very disappointing season, and tonight they faced Portland. We naturally expected for them to lose, but noooooooo we were wrong. Lamar Odom played like his old, awesome self. Man, if he would just stay healthy and off the doobie, he would be an All-Star. Elton Brand was solid as usual. His dunk on Saboner was friggin' fantastic. My man Jaric hit a couple of nice three's. Even Big Wang got into the mix. The game was pretty close 'till the 4th quarter, then the Clips took over and put on a show. After the game, we went down to the courtside seats (we sat in the nosebleeds). The court looks so big on TV, but when we went down to it, it was pretty much the same as the one in 24 Hour Fitness, only the three-point line was farther out. Anyway we went down there -- checked out the dancers, the Clippers announcer (with a moustache) walked right by me and Dustin, and we saw Michael Olowakandi, the big untalented goof that's been injured for like 6 months. Eric got his hat signed by the big goof after waiting for 10 minutes. Then we took a picture outside of the Staples Center like the gay Asian tourists that we are.

That's probably going to be my highlight of the week month.

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