Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Gotta love the drama.

Amy and I had our monthly talk about... us. It started out rough, but we pulled through in the end like we always do. Can't hardly wait for the next one.

Solo's hair isn't blond. It's more brown than yellow. I told him to get a haircut.

I bought the Chili Peppers CD today using the Barnes and Nobles gift card I got last Christmas. Including tax, it was like 22 bucks. Normally I would reach over the counter and shake the cashier until he cries "uncle" for charging such an extraordinary amount for a CD, but since it's such a damn fine album, I let it slide. Oh and about the CD -- album of the year. Hands down.

Lakers lost! Hoo-yeh!

Jane pointed me to a job listing for a game tester. I sent them my bare resume. It would be awesome if I can get it -- getting paid to play games, sounds heavenly, doesn't it? The only zit on this girlie is that the company is located in Monterey Park, which is kinda far from here. But if I move out to Diamond Bar or Pomona like I'm supposed to this Summer, the distance would be shortened significantly. We'll see what happens.

There's only 4 more episodes of Buffy left. I followed the show religiously during the early seasons, then kinda lost interest due to... I dunno, let's just say "school". And now it's going to be over in a month. Kinda sad, really.

I'll be heading to San Diego tomorrow with the FF crew. It's been a long time since we all hung out. It'll be a welcome change from the "sit in front of computer, listen to mp3's, play CS, eat, work out @ 3 am, sleep, repeat" cycle that is my so-called-life.

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