"Where? Down in my heart!"

It was a great week.

- I spent a lot of time with Grace, doing what we usually/used to do.

- Jason thinks I'm this great comedian. How little does he know...

- Amy hits hard.

- I love Julie's amazon groans.

- Blade was born. a.k.a. Slim Blady. But you better not say that to his face or he'll break you.

- Soul Survivor was great, and the workshops were really good and helpful. I just wish I could've stayed awake for all of it.

- The Survivor is making me feel... uneasy.

- Beach = heaven. I love it. It would've been better with a little more sun though.

- Lack of music is driving me slowly insane. All Chrisitian and no secular music make Daniel something something... "Go crazy?" Don't mind if I do!

- Kikkoman rocks. He's also quite tasty with wasabi on California rolls.

- Your mom.

This is my last official week at Islands. It'll be my last chance to eat there with 50% discount so if anyone wants to join me, come on down. I think I'm going to try to apply at the new Gamestop at Cerritos that Adrian told me about. If anyone knows of any job openings in my area (Fullerton, Buena Park, Brea, etc.) feel free to inform me. I appreciate it.

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