Sunday, March 02, 2003

Where are You?

This song is so beautiful, and sad. Every Christian comes to a point in their walk with God where doubt takes over in the midst of trouble, causing them to question where the Almighty is. This comes up whenever I think of my childhood. Why did I go through all that crap? Why me? Why? Why, God? It just made me into a cold, bitter freak that I am today. This song captures that feeling perfectly.

A little too perfect.

Jars of Clay - Silence

take till there's nothing
nothing to turn to
nothing when You get through
won't You break
scatter pieces of all I've been
bowing to all I've been running to
where are You?
where are You?

did you leave me unbreakable?
leave me frozen?
I've never felt so cold
I thought You were silent
I thought You left me
for the wreckage and the waste
on an empty beach of faith
was it true?
'cause I, I got a question
I got a question
where are You?

deeper I wanna scream
I want You to hear me
I want You to find me
'cause I, I want to believe
but all I pray is wrong
and all I claim is gone
but I, I got a question
I got a question
where are You?
where are You?

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