Thursday, March 27, 2003


I've been basically living at Doojin's house this week. He's on Spring Break, and since I don't have a job anymore, that means I'm on Spring Break too. Hanging out with friends and just goofing around, you kinda forget all the crap you're going through, ya know?

I rejoined the FPC team for the basketball tournament on Saturday. I backed out last week since I didn't really feel like doing anything, let alone play basketball. It's a physical game, and I thought that I would get mad more easily and snap at someone. I was right. Last Friday night we played a little 3 on 3, and at one point, I was chaing after a loose ball when this old white geezer pushes me out of the way and gets the ball. I sorta snapped and cussed him out. After the game, he came over and apologized, but I brushed him off. Paul noted my "dark side," guess he hadn't seen it before. I mean, it's no big deal. I have a potty mouth. I cuss a lot. But it's usually not AT someone, it's mostly to myself. And it's just basketball. It was just a lousy week, that's all.

We've been playing basketball at 24 Hour Fitness every night. It's really fun, although I miss a lot of shots and throw turnovers, and my team usually doesn't win. But anyway, I'm back on the team. We're supposedly the underdogs -- everyone expects us to be last place in the tournament. That's okay -- I'd rather be the underdog and exceed their expectations. I'll be happy if we get 4th place (out of 8).

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