Saturday, March 01, 2003

"Stay. With me."

We almost died today on our way to see Daredevil. Paul was saying something, and he turned into the wrong side of the entrace way to the parking lot. As he was making the turn, I tried to warn him about it. In my mind, I was saying, "Paul! You're on the wrong side of the road!" But in reality, all that came out of my mouth was, "Uuuuunnnhhh! Mmmmmph!" like a retard. The SUV that was coming out had to stop, and the old Asian man that was driving it stared us down as we passed.

The movie was very good. My initial expectations were pretty high since the general reviews of the film were good, then deflated when some people told me they weren't impressed. I thought it was very well done. It's probably the best comicbook-turned-movie I've seen since Batman. (yes, I think it's better than Spider-Man) The story was solid. The acting was good. Jennifer Garner played basically her character from Alias with sais, but still well done. (I don't think she's that hot, there's something very manly about her, maybe it's the cheekbones -- she looks better with her hair down) Colin Ferrell was awesome as Bullseye. His natural Irish accent fit very well with the character. Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin -- even though the character is white in the comics, I still think he's the only guy that could've played him. Even Ben Affleck was good. My only complaint is the action sequences. They looked very stylish and cool, and were well choreographed. But can you please pull the cameras back a little so I can actually tell what's going on? I mean the whole "make it look chaotic so the audience feels like they're actually there" camera thing was cool in Braveheart, bearable in Gladiator, but now it's getting old. Watch some old kung fu flicks from Hong Kong. They know how to film action.

Batman and Daredevil need to get together and form a team. Itb should be called Team Vengeance or something.

I bet I can play a better retard than Leonardo DiCaprio. Well... maybe not.

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