Friday, March 21, 2003

Good Riddance

Today was my last day at work. Now that I'm gone, Robert is the only one left from the original group of hosts that started there on opening day. Well, him and Christie. Who cares about her though. After our shifts, we ate lunch and talked about the "good ol' days." Fridays were the best because it was usually just the guys -- me, him, and Ben. We had a lot of fun goofing around and making fun of Ben's mom. Ben eventually moved up to server and left us for greener pastures. I had hoped that he would come today so we can have a little reunion before I left, but he didn't show. He probably forgot, or slept in. Robert said it's going to be boring now, all by himself. Poor guy.

Interesting thing happened at work. All of the hosts were at the host stand talking about something. I had my hands on these two wooden posts on each side of the stand, then Summer, a new girl, leans in and puts her boobs right on my hand. I gave her a startled look, but she chatted away like nothing was wrong. Finally I said, "Hey! What are you doing?! You're on my hand!" She looked surprised, and backed off a bit. She apologized and said that she didn't know my hand was there. Oh come on. How can you not feel that? Crikey, I know my hands aren't that big, but still. I told Devon, another new host, about it and he said I shouldn't have said anything. "It's the most action you'll get for a month." Oh Devon. If you only knew.

At the end of my shift --

Brian (assistant manager): "Hey isn't today your last day?"
Dan: "Yeah."
Brian: "You're fired."
Dan: "You can't fire me! I quit!"

10 minutes later, Brian sees Jen (cute server) take some of my cheddar fries. (they're not supposed to eat in front of customers in Islands attire) He looks at me incredulously --

Brian: "What's going on here?"
Jen: "Nothing!" (runs away)
Dan: "What are you gonna do Brian, fire --"
(before I finish the sentence)
Brian: "You're fired!"

Ahh... it was actually pretty fun. I won't miss putting up with snappy customers or cleaning tables, but there were pretty cool people at Islands.

Now what?

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