Tuesday, March 04, 2003

"Coffee shrinks your daetch."

The ordination ceremony was a snore, as expected. I saw few white folks in the pews, including Pastor Newton from OMF; I'm sure they were bored as hell since the whole thing was in Korean. After it was over, I tried to shake Kareem MSN's hand but he didn't see me and walked past us. Jason witnessed the whole process, and made sure to remind me that I just got dissed in case I didn't realize what happened. I didn't even see Kim MSN after the service. Guess they're too cool for us now that they have those black robes. Oooh.

At least the food was okay.

LABORMAN struck again. Man I'm really beginning to hate him. I know that's really mean, but I can't help it. I swear he just picks on us to do things for him.

Best part of the day was when five of us started talking about moving out and getting our own place. In Diamond Bar, no less. We were really hyped up and excited at the prospect of living in the coolest-damn-place-EVAR. It probably was the triple-sugar-scoop-coffee we had prior to our conversation.

Good times ahead, my friends. Good times.

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