Tuesday, March 11, 2003


I downloaded Double Dragon 1, 2, and 3 arcade roms for MAME. God, I love these games, especially the first one. I remember this was one of the most popuar arcade games in the 80's, and it started the whole beat-em-up genre. (i.e. Final Fight, Streets of Rage) I loved how if you played through to the end of the game with another player, you had to fight each other to get the girl. After all the hard work and fighting along side each other, you had to duke it out with your buddy to win over the same girl you both tried to save! Genius! I always played as Billy, the blue one of course. There's no way I was going to let the guy in a red suit get my girl. I lost so much quarters WON to this game, it's not even funny. This game also brought back awful memories of an event that happened when this game was out, but let's not get into that.

I'm feeling nostalgic... I'm gonna go find more games from my childhood.

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