Sunday, February 02, 2003

"Why don't you just suck on my junk?"

I was too tired last night to post, so I'll write today about... yesterday.

The day started off on a horrible note. I went to my uncle's studio in Garden Grove for our monthly "meeting" in the morning. After that I was heading back to Fullerton for the rally practice with the Broken Movement team, when I got pulled over by a cop. He had followed behind me for like two minutes while I silently prayed that he wouldn't notice my expired registration sticker, which of course he did. He asked for my license, registration, and insurance, and I took seriously like five minutes looking through the glove compartment for the stuff. I probably looked like an idiot. After I give him all the stuff, he goes back to his car to write me a ticket, which takes 10 minutes. Why in blue hell do cops take so long to write a damn ticket?! I swear when I become a cop I'll never take that long to write one! Oh wait, I'm not sure about becoming a cop anymore. I forgot.Back to the story. He comes back and tells me I should get a new sticker before March, because after 6 months they'll tow away my car. Yeah, thanks for the info buddy. Then he says my insurance expired back in December, and asks me if I have more current insurance info. "No." He goes back to his car to write another ticket. I can't believe this crap. After the longest 10 minutes of my goddamn life, he comes back and hands me the ticket. "Here you go. Thanks." Thanks?! Thanks for what? Paying your damn salary? You think you're funny, Funny Guy?! Thanks for making me late for practice you funny bastard!

I was steaming after that. I actually yelled "FUCK!!!" in the car three times while driving back. I couldn't believe my luck. Februrary was starting off with flying colors. I got to practice about 30 minutes late. No one seemed mad or anything, in fact, they were quite nice about it. But I didn't care. I was in a grumpy mood DAMMIT. I quietly set up my gear and ignored the team. (sorry Jenny -- I probably scared her off) Doojin quickly joined us after that, and we started our practice -- which lasted oh, 7 hours. As the practice went on, I started to forget about what happened earlier, and my mood slowly changed. I really like our team. We're really starting to gel together, as a unit. I really hope this rally (on Friday) will turn out well, because we've been practicing and praying so hard for it. And we're really praying for the youth group -- well me at least -- I know they're struggling. This rally can be the turning point.

After practice we went to McDonalds for dinner. (my first/last meal of the day) I was so tired I could barely walk. The guys wanted to watch "Final Destination 2" but I wasn't sure I wanted to go. I was pooped out, and I had to get up early to prepare for jr high praise. They talked me into it though, so we headed to Irvine to pick up J. Lo and watched the movie. The movie was fun. The deaths were pretty gory, and very creative. senseless violence=mindless fun.

I fell asleep right after I got home.

I kept waking up periodically after 4 am, almost every 30 minutes. I finally got up and went to church around 9. Usually when I prepare for praise, I pick out songs that I like singing, the ones that sound good, the ones that go or transition well with other songs, some fast songs, some slow songs, etc. Never really about the words, or the songs themselves. Yes yes, it's a horrible way to prepare for praise. I'm a horrible praise leader, alright?! This time, I tried something different -- I prayed. I prayed for God to help me choose the songs that would please him, the ones that he wanted to hear, the ones that would help the jr high kids praise him. And I prayed for the kids, that they would worship him, really worhip, not just go through the motions of Sunday routine like it was brushing teeth or something. I went through the songs, and came out with three. The Heart of Worship, Arms of Love, and Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing). This can't be it. Three songs? I can't do praise with three songs. I need at least two more, God. Who says so? Who says praise has to have certain amount of songs? Who says praise has to be *insert number here* minutes long? So, I went with it. Before praise, I briefly "shared" with the kids about how I chose three whole songs. I have no idea what they were thinking, but I think they were listening, at least. I dunno what it was exactly, but praise this time was different. I could truly feel the meanings of the words as they came out of my mouth, and for the first time in a long time, it felt like true worship. And was that my imagination, or were the kids actually singing? Loud?

I sucked it big time at basketball. I made one basket. Oh Lord. Please make me a better player. At least so I can live up to my shoes' potential.

It was hilarious watching the old clips we made (me, Adrian, and Paul) from the Catalina trip couple of year back. Paul is a crazy dancer, but we already knew that. And the ranger... hahaha. I want to make more movies. I definitely want to get a digital camcorder. And a camera.

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