Thursday, February 13, 2003

Fred Durst on Britney Spears

Pat O'Brien: Did you fall in love with Britney Spears?

Fred Durst: Did I fall in love with Britney Spears?

Pat: It'd be easy to do…

Fred: You know, we met, in a very weird, very private way and I thought she was … First of all, I thought she was very attractive, she's hot, you know, like everyone thinks she's hot.

Pat: Well, she is hot.

Fred: Then, I met her and I was like, 'Wow, this is just a very sweet Southern girl, just simple, you know, Southern girl, but actually has a life like Michael Jackson.' It's out of control.

Pat: In what way?

Fred: Just people around her, pulling at her, people around her that are full of s***, just agreeing. It's kind of crazy, like she almost can't see what's real and what's not. You know, I think I started feeling her for a minute and then after a minute it was just like, she didn't really have everything that I needed. I mean, she's got a great ass, that's for sure.

Pat: So you had some things on your Web site…

Fred: I like to -- my fans know they can come there and feel me and talk to me and I try to communicate with them. It's starting to be this source for media to come into my Web site.

Pat: Then you kind of turned on Britney, took everything about her off the Web site?

Fred: Yeah, I took everything about her off.

Pat: Why? Did something happen?

Fred: Well, it was getting to a point where it was ridiculous. It was out of control, you know, it was just out of control. I feel bad for Justin [Timberlake], man -- that he has to see his ex-girlfriend just jumping from guy to guy. I kind of feel bad for him, he's a cool guy, she's a cool chick, I just think she's got some issues, man.

Pat: You fell in love with her?

Fred: Well, you know I'm a Leo and we fall in love -- that's what we do. But I'm still waiting on Angelina Jolie.

Pat: But seriously, did Britney break your heart, is that what happened?

Fred: Did Britney break my heart? ... No! I wouldn't let her break my heart.

Pat: But was there enough there for her to break your heart? Or are we just talking two dates here?

Fred: No, we were good for a minute, you know, it's just too crazy. That girl -- I feel bad for her, man, her life is crazy. It's out of control.

Pat: Are you enemies now? Do you talk to her?

Fred: No, we're not enemies, man. I just don't want to talk to her. I just chose not to talk to her anymore.

Pat: It wasn't the Colin Farrell thing, was it?

Fred: No way, that was after -- the Colin thing is actually kind of cool. I think that he's crazy. You know, I'm cool, like I heard she was with Colin recently, and that's cool cause I think he's dope.

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