Friday, January 24, 2003

The Wonder Years

Couple of weeks ago, Jane gave me a picture from last year's Vegas trip with the "FF" crew. (Fresno Friends, I prefer Fresno Five) It's been laying on the floor all this time 'cause I had forgotten about it. I finally put it in my photo album, which made me look through it. I've noticed a few things from the album:

- I was a chubby baby. Yes, even me. Where did all that baby fat go?

- I am was a crybaby. I'm crying in half of the pictures.

- I was a chick magnet when I was little. What happened? It's like I lost all the charm after puberty.

- My life as a teenager... does not exist. The pictures go from baby, toddler, elementary, jr. high commencement, then BAM, high school graduation. Talk about a gap.

- I like hats.

- No boy should ever wear shorts THAT SHORT, and socks THAT HIGH.

- I had a huuuuge head as a kid. Even Adrian would be impressed.

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