Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Spring Semester - Day 1

I went to my one and only class I have this semester -- art. More specifically, ART 179 - Drawing for Non-Art Majors. Amy and I met up at church, then carpooled to school together. We parked at a neighborhood near the back parking lot since it was all full, and we didn't have a parking permit anyway. It turned out that they moved the art department to another building, on the OTHER SIDE of the campus. Actually, it wasn't even on the campus. It was across the street (Berkeley), in some ghetto building. So we did a lot of walking. The class didn't start off too well. Our teacher, Javier Alvarez, as I've already pointed out to Amy, looks like Chong from "Cheech & Chong" (he's on "That 70's Show" now), and mumbles when he speaks. And he mumbled his way through the syllabus for 90 minutes. Friggin' ay.

It got a lot better after that though. We drew everyone in the class -- including the teacher -- as each person went up to the front and basically talked about himself/herself. I don't really like drawing faces, especially real people, so it was really hard. I quit after about 6 people, and just listened as my classmates spoke. We have some interesting people in the class:

- There's Andre, he's a middle-child among 5 sisters, so he's naturally shy and quiet.
- There's Sofia, a 28-year-old makeup artist, who is "gorgeous" (according to Amy) and wants to get into interior design.
- There's Marcy, a 17-year-old highschool student from Hawaii; she's quarter Japanese, quarter Hawaiian, and "rest white." (she's kinda cute -- like all Amerasians)
- There's Tom Jones, yes like the singer. He's in his 30's and is taking the class because he's in architecture, but is not good at drawing; he hopes the class will help him get better.
- And there's Darlene, an old white lady that looks to be in her 60's (at least). She has a Master's degree in Business Accounting and used to work for the city, but is now retired. She's taking the class because one of her grandkids is really good at drawing cartoon characters, and he suggested it to her.

"Hobbies? I play guitar, but I suck. I skateboard, but I suck. I play basketball, but I suck. See a pattern here?"
"Is there anything you're GOOD at? Like, sleeping?"
"Uhh... videogames?"

When it was my turn, I told them about the whole "I don't know what to do with my life" deal and one lady -- I forgot her name -- suggested Game Design. Not a bad idea. Maybe I'll look into it.

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