Sunday, January 05, 2003

It's good to be home.

Back from the EM retreat, and the 2 week break from school and work is officially over. It's been pretty crazy.

- I went to Vegas, San Diego, and whereever our retreat site was (Valencia?).
- I slept with a bunch of guys in the same hotel room.
- I spent New Year's Eve watching chick flicks. Alone.
- I learned ...stuff about a friend. (and she learned stuff about me)
- I watched two movies starring Leonaro Dicrapio. (one good, one bad)
- I watched TTT three times.
- I "learned" how to levitate a card.
- I played and recorded a few songs, and put 'em on a CD for Grace.
(she's going away to D.C. for about 5 months)
- I made a CD for Amy (real songs, without my horrible voice), who seem to love it AND me a little too much. It's kinda scary.
- I didn't get to play paintball. Someday...
- I got some "advice" and "suggestions" on this whole GIRL thing. Not very helpful. There's no way in hell I can OR will do any of that.
- I learned that it's not about me, it's about God. I may not have gifts, I may not be charismatic, I may not be agreat in anything I do, but that's okay because God is all powerful, and he can accomplish his will through me if I come to him, broken.

It's good to be back home, being able to just relax in my comfort zone here.
I go back to work tomorrow. At least I still have a couple of weeks before school starts again.

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