Tuesday, January 14, 2003

“Answer the question! What is my favorite radio station?!"

Driving down the freeway at night listening to the new Coldplay album is just ...wow. I can't put it into words. Ethereal ...that's the only word I can come up with. I guess the fog kinda helped too. I probably would've driven all the way to Riverside if it wasn't for my bladder's strong urge to relieve its contents (pee).

I have come to the conclusion that Kristen Kreuk (aka Lana Lang) is just too damn pretty. Whenever I see her on TV, I can't concentrate on what she's saying - I just stare at her face the whole time. Tonight's episode had something to do with her ex-boyfriend, some shape-shifting chick, blah blah blah ...I dunno, more Lana please! According to Eric, it was one of the best episodes. I agree. Lana was lookin' good.

We went to Guitar Center to look at some stuff. I mainly went to try out the VOX amp that I REALLY REALLY want, but they didn't have it. I played on some Marshalls instead. They didn't impress me much.

I STILL haven't registered for classes. Classes start next Tuesday.

I STILL haven't told the managers at work that I'm going to quit. They need a two-week notice. And classes start next Tuesday.

I STILL haven't started preparing for the jr high retreat, which is this Friday. I'm doomed. They're doomed. And classes start next Tuesday.

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