Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Day 23

Happy birthday, Dooj. Now he's only one year away from... uh... hmm... well nothing, really.

I went shopping for new clothes yesterday for the first time in YEARS. My theory is, since trends come and go and come back, I can just keep wearing old clothes until they become "cool" again. But wait, who wants to be trendy? CERTAINLY NOT I! Bring on the new stuff!

My DVD collection for your stalking viewing pleasure. I need to get more.

fortune cookie of the day: Plan to have some fun. With your mom?

Wristbands. I saw a kid wearing three on one arm. He couldn't have been more than 8 years old. You people are out of control.


Point to Ponder: It is never too late to start growing.

Verse to Remember: "Let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God -- what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect." Romans 12:2b (TEV)

Question to Consider: What is one are where you need to stop thinking your way and start thinking God's way?

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Day 22

Happy belated birthday, Big J.

I hate the holidays, but I sure don't mind the presents. Thanks to Minhee for the DVD, it's one of my favorite movies, so naturally I love it. Thanks to the Wench for rekindling my childhood memories with the big yellow thing, and I freakin' love the jacket. It's AWESOME. Thanks to Steve's parents for the sweatshirt, it's very nice. Thanks to Doojin for his voicemail on Christmas Eve, it may not have seemed like much, but it was probably my favorite "gift." And finally thanks to myself for 512 megs of more RAM for the computer, now for the total of 1 gig.

It's funny how now that I have enough money to get presents for friends, I don't have any time to go shop for them. Next year guys, I swear.

Point to Ponder: You were created to become like Christ.

Verse to Remember: "As the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more." 2 Corinthians 3:18b (NLT)

Question to Consider: In what area of your life do you need to ask for the Spirit's power to be like Christ today?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Day 21

Nothing to really write about. My life is dull.

Point to Ponder: It is your responsibility to protect the unity of your church.

Verse to Remember: "Let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony and the growth of our fellowship together." Romans 14:19 (Ph)

Question to Consider: What are you personally doing to protect unity in your church family right now?

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Day 20

Halfway there.

Few kids from church came by the store. It was nice.

I've been here everyday since last Tuesday. My next day off is Thursday. That's NINE straight days of work. In. Sane.

Point to Ponder: Relationships are always worth restoring.

Verse to Remember: "Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody." Romans 12:18 (TEV)

Question to Consider: Who do you need to restore a broken relationship with today?
Your mom.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Day 19

I'm kinda getting bored of this book.

O Life, where art thou?

Point to Ponder: Community requires commitment.

Verse to Remember: "We understand what love is when we realize that Christ gave his life for us. That means we must give our lives for other believers." 1 John 3:16 (GWT)

Question to Consider: How can you help cultivate today the characteristics of real community in your small group and your church?

Friday, December 19, 2003

Day 18

Feel better. I love Nyquil. Nyquil love me. He my friend.

Point to Ponder: You need others in your life.

Verse to Remember: "Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 (NLT)

Question to Consider: What one step can you take today to connect with another believer at a more genuine, heart-to-heart level?

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Day 17

I have the flu. I hate you all.

*WARNING: mild spoilers below*

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

"And here we have the game of Lord of the Rings checkers -- normally played indoors by 9-year-olds."

Went to the midnight show on Tuesday. Line started forming at 9:30, John was there at that time. The rest of us met up around 10. We killed about an hour in the cold, then they let us in at 11.

Things I liked:
- The battles. They make Helm's Deep look like a playground fight.
- Legolas taking down something... big, singlehandedly.
- "That only counts as one!"
- Gandalf knocking out Denethor.
- Gandalf using "blind."
- He's also pretty good with that sword and staff, isn't he?
- The Witch King and his giant spiked mace. I would like to see him fight Go Go Yubari from Kill Bill.
- Shelob.
- "You bow to no one."
- Gollum's "ending." So happies.
- The camera shot following a huge rock hurled into a crowd of orcs. Think Pearl Harbor, minus the suck.
- The Army of the Dead.
- Pippen singing to Denethor while Faramir leads a charge towards Osgiliath.
- Samwise. His reaction after Frodo's "order" is... yeah.
- The pub scene at the Shire.
- The ending(s). I was tempted to put this under the "Things I didn't like" category, but it ultimately goes here. Most people will complain that it's too long, and I agreed at the time of viewing since I was sick and was sleepy as hell. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. Remember, they are wrapping up 3 films here. Or one 10 hour movie. It should have a long ending.

Things I didn't like:
- Stuff that doesn't make sense if you haven't seen the extended versions of the previous films. For example, Frodo using the "light" against Shelob. Also the stuff with Denethor.
- Again, Faramir is highly underused.
- Frodo's "Gaaaaannnndaaaaallllf" line. Dooj and Keisuke cracked up at that. Score one for unintentional comedy.
- The "gay" stuff between Frodo and Sam. Yes, people have been making fun of it since the first film, and this one will not help it end. It doesn't really bother me since they're supposed to be best friends, but I totally see why people would get worked up about it. At least there's no kissing (on the lips). It'll be in the extended version.
- No Saruman. Peter Jackson explained that he cut out Saruman's scene because he has no importance in this movie, but I think they should have done more than just gloss over the wizard in the beginning. He'll be in the extended version for sure, but they should actually put the scene back in the end of The Two Towers.
- It's over. No more "I can't wait till next year." Unless they make The Hobbit, but there's some rights issues that's hindering the project.
- No movie trailers before the show. No Spider-Man 2 (which is awesome btw, you can see it here), no Riddick, none whatsoever. Irrelevant to the movie, yes, but it still irked me.
- Having to work the next same day.

Yes, I'm nitpicking. That's what geeks do. All these will probably change anyway when I watch it 30 more times.

*End of LOTR stuff*

Point to Ponder: You are called to belong, not just believe.

Verse to Remember: "In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." Romans 12:5 (NIV)

Question to Consider: Does your level of involvement in your local church demonstrate that you love and are committed to God's family?

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Day 16

"Gandaaaalf! Noooooo!"

Last night's talent show was great. Everyone did a good job, but I was most impressed with F4CE, the "chick band," as Mark called them. They did "Now That You're Near," complete with the drum and bass intro by Susan and Lola. And they actually wrote a song themselves, which they also performed. Awesome job, chicks. Paul and Heidi brought the house down (again) with their pantomime act. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they will definitely be in my movie if I ever make one. J. Lo truly earned his name with his "performance" on the senior class skit. Thanks for the free show, J. Lo. Wait, not totally free. I had to pay $4, actually $5. Still, well worth it. Can't leave without mentioning SWAB -- Sufring Without A Board. These guys rocked. They can't sing in key to save their lives, but they were highly entertaining, which is all that matters in the end. I could go on and on, but that's enough. Everyone did well. Bravo.

Can someone please do a soundcheck and adjust the volumes in the back for the next talent show? I don't want to sound like an old man, but I thought my ears were gonna pop. Turn down the instruments, turn up the vocals. Thanks.

I wasn't involed in the show this time (obviously). I wanted to do something with Adrian again, but we're working now and we didn't have any time to prepare anything. Mike and J. Lo asked me to do a song with them, but again, no time. Next time, ladies and gentlemen. Next time.

Point to Ponder: Life is all about love.

Verse to Remember: "The entire law is summed up in a single command: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' " Galatians 5:14 (NIV)

Question to Consider: Honestly, are relationships your first priority? How can you ensure that they are?

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Day 15

Tamara is playing FFXI on her laptop right next to me as I'm writing this. So tempting. I wish I could play. Then I would actually look forward to coming to work every day. She's a level 10 Mithra red mage. Her boyfriend is a level 15 Taru Taru black mage. Oh and he's female (in the game). She said he chose female so he could flirt with male characters to get free stuff.

In other words, he's a little Taru Taru whore.

Point to Ponder: You were formed for God's family.

Verse to Remember: "His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ." Ephesians 1:5a (NLT)

Question to Consider: How can you start treating other believers like members of your own family?

Friday, December 12, 2003

Day 14

Today is the longest day of my life.


dealing with pissy customers = pissy me

Point to Ponder: God is real, no matter how you feel.

Verse to Remember: "For God has said, 'I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.' " Hebrews 13:5 (TEV)

Question to Consider: How can you stay focused on God's presence, especially when he feels distant?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Day 13

"Heart of Worship"

I'll bring you more than a song,
because the song in itself is now what You've required.
You search much deeper within
than the way things appear.
You're looking into my heart.

Point to Ponder: God wants all of you.

Verse to Remember: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." Mark 12:30 (NIV)

Question to Consider: Which is more pleasing to God right now -- your public worship or your private worship? What will you do about this?

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Day 12

Fortune Cookie of the Day: What, no fortune?! How dare they!

I'm so addicted to FFXI. It's all I think about. At work, all I do is read and "research" on the forums. Doosuan started playing it yesterday, after John got him a world pass so he can play with us on our server. He's a level 5 white mage. He has a lot of free time now that he's done with finals, so he should catch up to us in no time.

Point to Ponder: You are as close to God as you choose to be.

Verse to Remember: "Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you." James 4:8a (NLT)

Question to Consider: What practical choices will you make today in order to grow closer to God?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Day 11

I went to church on Sunday, first time in three weeks I believe. It was nice, actually. Leading praise felt a bit awkward, but I got through it. Lots of stuff going on this month -- talent show, Christmas service, College retreat, Xiao and Shelley's wedding, then youth group retreat in January -- all of which I won't participate in. I won't be back at church until 2004 due to working six days a week. Let's see how long it takes before I snap and go on a shooting spree in Amerige Heights.

Point to Ponder: God wants to be your best friend.

Verse to Remember: "Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him." Psalm 25:14a (LB)

Question to Consider: What can you do to remind yourself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day?

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Day 10

With the ups come the downs. Well I'm not sure what the ups are, but I definitely know about the downs. Looks like my license is going to be suspended. Not like I was using it much, but damn. Also looks like I owe Grand Resort some money. It could be... no, it probably is the final month's rent. I haven't even thought about it since it's been a year, but Adrian called me about it yesterday when he did a credit check for a car. Now that I think about it, I kinda bailed. But $3000?! That's like three months' worth of rent. Unless it's from interest. They could have just sold off the furniture I left, it was probably worth over $1000. Whatever it is, Adrian is without a car, and it looks like it's my fault. Again, damn.

Watch how I segue oh so smoothly into The Purpose Driven Life, aka The Book I've Been Reading For a Friggin' Month.

Point to Ponder: The heart of worship is surrender.

Verse to Remember: "Surrender your whole being to him to be used for righteous purposes." Romans 6:12b (TEV)

Question to Consider: What area of your life are you holding back from God?

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Day 9

Yeah, I know.

My daily routine these days goes like this: wake up, get ready for work, work until 9 pm, play FFXI until my eyes are ready to fall out, sleep, repeat. Currently Adrian, John, and I have been playing that game nonstop for a week. We die a lot (mostly because of John), but it's so fun. Some hilarious things happen while we play, but it'll be useless to recount them here 'cause, well, you had to be there to understand. Doosuan is getting it next week so he can join in on the madness.

Point to Ponder: God smiles when you trust him.

Verse to Remember: "The Lord is pleased with those who worship him and trust his love." Psalm 147:11 (CEV)

Question to Consider: Since God knows what is best, in what areas of your life do you need to trust him most?

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Day 8?!

Oh it's only been six days since the last one.

But first things first.

Fortune Cookie #1: "You will soon gain something you have always wanted." 20 pounds?
Fortune Cookie #2: "If given a penny for every kind act, you'd be a millionaire." Ahh, so now I finally know why I'm broke.
Fortune Cookie #3: "Soon, someone will make you proud." I hope it's me.


Point to Ponder: You were planned for God's pleasure.

Verse to Remember: "The Lord takes pleasure in his people." Psalm 149:4a (TEV)

Question to Consider: What common task could you start doing as if you were doing it directly for Jesus?

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Turkey Day

Another year, another feast at Doojin's house.

I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted to since my throat is not fully recovered, but it was way more than I've been eating for the last several days. Thanks to Doojin and his family for opening up their home and having (a lot of) us over. We had fun hanging out and playing games and stuff after. Getting my butt kicked with Adrian on Hell in a Cell by Brock Lesnar and Goldberg was fun. Those beasts.


*For people that work in retail.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

"Wow. That's impressive."

I went to see the doctor today (my first time, ever) and found out what I've been fearing: I have tonsilitis. He said it was one of the worst ones he's ever seen and gave me some antibiotics to take once a day. He also gave me a shot since he thought the symtom was severe. The last three days, I've been under so much pain. Everytime I swallowed something, it felt like my throat was getting ripped apart. After the shot and and taking down an antibiotic pill, I feel a lot better. The pain is still there, but the level has dropped by like 90%. My ass still sore though. Hopefully I should be able to eat tomorrow (Thanksgiving!). I still talk like Leonardo DiCaprio from What's Eating Gilbert Grape but that's okay. If I ever need to play a retard, now I know how.

Adrian and I should be starting Final Fantasy XI pretty soon. I already got my copy, now I'm just waiting for him. I think he's getting more people interested too, like Doosuan. That should be fun.

I'll be working this whole weekend, Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. And starting December 12 till New Years, that will be the schedule for the whole week. I'll only be getting one day off per week, and it can't be on the weekend. So that means no church for a while. Looks like Paul's gotta step it up and take charge for jr high. Remember, Paul -- this is all God's doing.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Friday Five

1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.
(a) Move to a new apartment. It won't happen.
(b) Get a car. This probably won't happen either.
(c) Find another job. Something that doesn't deal with whinyass smacktards.
(d) Gain 10 pounds. So my total weight should be 87 pounds.
(e) Grow my hair out. It won't get that long in five weeks though.

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again.
(a) Matt Wheeler. You red-headed bastard. I miss ya.
(b) Long Nguyen. Long Dong. I saw a recent picture of this guy on Friendster, and he actually has hair now. WOW!
(c) Kamala Winfree. She comes to church once in a great while for Christmas and stuff, and it's always awkward seeing her.
(d) My step sister. If my calculations are correct (and there's a big chance that they're not), she's 17 now. Probably getting ready to go to college. I wonder if she even remembers me.
(e) Sebyul Chun. Where the hell are you? I thought you wanted...

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.
(a) Make movies!
(b) Fight. I seriously don't know how to fight at all. The Wench can beat my ass all over Fullerton whenever she wants. But she's an Argentinian beast, so on to
(c) Ride a motorcycle. Forget cars. All I need is a rocket on my crotch and... okay that doesn't sound right.
(d) Write. REALLY WELL. Like bloody Shakespeare.
(e) Draw. REALLY WELL. Like bloody Alex Ross. He's friggin' amazing.

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).
(a) Give my parents half.
(b) Buy all those new homes being built near Amerige Heights and rent them out to the EM college people, for FREE. And save myself one, of course.
(c) Buy out more space near our church for parking space, and a gym.
(d) Tell Jake to go to hell, and quit my job.
(e) One word: JAPAN.

5. List five things you do that help you relax.
(a) Sleep. Dur.
(b) Watch the waves at the beach.
(c) Work. HA!
(d) Drink Nyquil.
(e) Your mom! OHHHHHHHHHH.

Day 7

Hellboy looks great.

I'm pretty much okay, but the sore throat STILL lingers. It's putting a dent on my appetite (naturally).

Point to Ponder: It's all for Him.

Verse to Remember: "For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory." Romans 11:36 (LB)

Question to Consider: Where in your daily routine can you become more aware of God's glory?

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Day 6

I had a dream that I was in Korea. I watched a TV show, and David Choi was in it. He was playing some high school student (with the uniform and everything) and he actually spoke Korean really well. He talked like a gangster though, which I found hilarious. I visited him on the set of the show, and he got me a small part. I was about to go and tape my part when out of nowhere Andrew Hyum came out and offered to put on some make up. Apparently he was the make-up guy. I woke up before I had to face the horrors of Andrew's make-up skills.

I went to work, but came home early, around 4. I was okay in the morning, but as the day went by, the headache and the backache came back with a vengeance. I did get to rest a bit. I had to go back to work to close the store since the other guys don't have the keys or the access code yet. Freakin' noobs.

Nyquil, you're my last hope.

Point to Ponder: This world is not your home.

Verse to Remember: "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

Question to Consider: How should the fact that life on earth is just a temporary assignment change the way you are living right now?

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Day 5

I knew I was getting sick last night, so I went to bed really early, around 9. I woke up and looked at the clock -- it said 2:30. I was sweating and had the worst headache I've ever had in my life. It literally felt like someone was pounding my head with a hammer. And my body felt weak. Just moving my legs was painful. I tried going back to sleep, then looked at the clock again. 1:15. What the hell?! I guess I was hallucinating. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't go back to sleep. I wrestled myself for the next six hours, trying in vain to fall asleep. I finally succeeded around 7. Then woke up half an hour later. I called Tamara (the "manager") and told her I couldn't make it to work. I miraculously got up from bed and took an Advil. Walking around took so much energy, I thought I was going to faint. After downing the pill, I fell on my bed and slept for a couple of hours. When I woke up, the headache and the sore throat were mostly gone. Hallelujah! The rest of my body still hasn't recovered though. I should be okay by tomorrow.

Point to Ponder: Life is a test and a trust.

Verse to Remember: "Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won't be faithful in large ones." Luke 16:10a (NLT)

Question to Consider: What has happened to you recently that you now realize was a test from God? What are the greatest matters God has entrusted to you?

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Day 4, actually.

Missed another day due to... playing. Now I have the biggest sore throat in the motherfreakin' universe. Cruel, but fair.

Point to Ponder: There is more to life than just here and now.

Verse to Remember: "This world is fading away, along with everything it craves. But if you do the will of God, you will live forever." 1 John 2:17 (NLT)

Question to Consider: Since you were made to last forever, what is the one thing you should stop doing and the one thing you should start doing today?

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Day 3

I was going to post this link, but the Blogger people beat me to it.

I noticed that there are a lot of churches around here. I saw six, on my way home from ours, no less. So that's seven in a two mile radius. Granted, they were pretty small. The first church is right near ours, at the end of the street. The second church is on Gilbert, merely a block away, and seemed to be geared toward Hispanics. I saw many elderly people chatting in front of the third one, near Magnolia. The fourth church looked to be predominantly white, but there were people of all ages. The fifth one was on a little sidestreet by Dale. I saw parked cars, but no people. Guess they were still in service. The last one is near my apartment on Artesia, and it's a Korean church. A lot of variety.

Point to Ponder: Living on purpose is the path to peace.

Verse to Remember: "You, Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you." Isaiah 26:3 (TEV)

Question to Consider: What would your family and friends say is the driving force in your life? What do you want it to be?

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Day 2

I forgot to do it yesterday. Oops. But first --

Fortune Cookie #1: "Panda Express celebrates 20 years of yummy."
Oh wait, wrong side.
"You are extremely generous and always thinking of others."


Fortune Cookie #2: "Enjoy the lighter things in life, deeper joys will follow."


Point to Ponder: You are not an accident.

Verse to Remember: "I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born." Isaiah 44:2 (CEV)

Question to Consider: Knowing that God uniquely created you, what areas of your personality, background, and physical appearance are you struggling to accept?

Uhh... how about "all of the above"?

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Day 1

I was cleaning up my room few days ago and noticed that I have a pile of Christian books that I didn't finish, and many that I'd never even opened. Now that I'm finished with Diary (my fourth Chuck Palahniuk novel in a row), I guess I could finish up the ones that I started. First on the list: The Purpose Driven Life. The author of this book actually suggests reading one chapter a day, so that the reader can "soak in" what he's read and reflect on it more. Fair enough. I can do one a day. Hell Heck, I could do the whole book at my deader-than-dead store. I'll post every day about each chapter -- it should help me out.

On to Day 1.

Point to Ponder: It's not about you.

Verse to Remember: "Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him." Colossians 1:16b (Msg)

Question to Consider: In spite of all the advertising around you, how can you remind yourself that life is really about living for God, not yourself?

Sunday, November 09, 2003

"I'll back you up. Unless it's you."

I suck at ping pong. I lost to J. Lo and Mina. I need to practice to cut like Smiles.

Andy's birthday party was fun. AWESOME food. And "Murder" was hilarious. Dustin was the funniest. He kept giving gangster looks to people (especially girls). And this one time when he was the killer, he kept trying to kill Andy but he couldn't, so he finally just yelled out his name and winked at him. Funny guy. I teamed up with Mark twice, but the first time people knew it was us because the others that were watching laughed when we looked at each other. But the second time we killed them all. Yessssssss.

Johny went to the bathroom and did a nice reenactment of the "pee" scene from Austin Powers.

Day off tomorrow. Finally.

Friday, November 07, 2003

"Not impossible, but inevitable."

The Wachowskis should have left it alone. I love the first Matrix, but the sequels don't measure up to that one, and I think they're pointless. Remember all the questions that came up after the second movie? NONE of that is answered in the "conclusion" of the series. In fact, it leaves so much room for a sequel, Dooj already thought of the title for it: The Matrix Resurrection. I like it. It keeps with the whole "R" theme. Of course the directors and the producers have said this is the last one and there won't be any more sequels, but we'll see.

All that made it sound like I hated the movie, but that's not the case -- I loved the action scenes. The gunfight with Seraph near the beginning was pretty cool, reminiscent of the "lobby" scene from the first movie. The best part is the 20 minute scene of humans defending Zion against the sentinels with Gundam-wannabes (oh the irony). And the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith, well, I just have three words for that: Dragon. Ball. Z. (okay, two words and a letter) I would rate this higher than the second movie and below the first one.

In short, action good, story bad.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.

I hate you.

You cuss so much you would make sailors blush. Where did you learn to talk like that?! I've never heard a girl say "bitch" 20 times in one day. What would customers think? Do you think you actually sound cool? If you cuss enough to annoy even me, there's a serious problem. So SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I'm finished with Ippo. After the "last" fight, I was literally drained. It lasted like five episodes! Great show.

Sunday, November 02, 2003


What's with all these excellent commercials?

- Volkswagon Jetta -- kid with big right foot. Cool.
- Nike -- Michael Vick and Terrell Owens in CG. Awesome.
- Ratchet and Clank 2 (PS2 game) -- continuation of the commercial for the first game (which was also good). This time the guys use a "tractor beam" with fun results.

Saturday, November 01, 2003


1. Man drops his cell phone in a toilet. Hilarity ensues.

2. Man exposes himself to school girls. Hilarity ensues.

3. Men compete for affection. You know how it goes.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Spoony Bard

Skating in the rain, skating in the rain.
La la la la, skating in the rain.


Falling on my ass, falling on my ass.
La la la la, falling on my ass.

"You're not gonna forget me, are ya?"

What's with strangers calling you "sweetie?"

An old man walked limped into the store yesterday. (no, he's NOT the one that called me "sweetie") He had on a hat that said Iwo Jima Survivor. I would've been scared if his legs weren't thinner than mine. He approached the counter, looked around, then sat down on a chair. He motioned for me to come near him and said, "I can't stand too long. I have to sit." I approached him and he told me to sit next to him. "I can't look up at you. My neck hurts." He was interested in the new number portability program -- the new law that passed that lets you take a cell phone number from another company, say Verizon, and switch it with a new company, say Yourmom -- and we talked for quite a bit. Then (out of nowhere) he asked me if I was a christian. I said yes, and he said "congratulations." Then he asked me if I believed in prayer. I said of course, I can't be a christian and not believe in prayer. Then he proceeded to tell me a story about power of prayer. I'm not going to post it here, it wasn't that great anyway. He also told me how he was at Iwo Jima ("Oh really?") and how he was almost killed a few times, but God got him through it. But the most remarkable part was what he said after: "Don't hesitate to talk about God or prayer to people. I do that with strangers all the time. That's why I asked you if you were a christian."

Then he hobbled out. So random.

No sir, I'll never forget you.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Show Me How to Live

And with the early dawn
Moving right along
I couldn’t buy an eyeful of sleep
And in the aching night
Under satellites
I was not received
Built with stolen parts
A telephone in my heart
Someone get me a priest
To put my mind to bed
This ringing in my head
Is this a cure or is this a disease

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

And in the after-birth
On the quiet earth
Let the stains remind you
You thought you made a man
You better think again
Before my role defines you

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

And in your waiting hands
I will land
And roll out of my skin
And in your final hours
I will stand
Ready to begin
Ready to begin
Ready to begin
Ready to begin

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

Show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Omega Man

Going to church, I got ash in my eyes every five seconds. It was hard to breathe, and my nose got all runny. And the color of the streets -- it seemed like we just got bombed. Kinda scary.

But kinda cool.

I played guitar for EM praise today. We didn't have much time to practice, and the beginning of the service was plagued with computer problems. We didn't have the EM laptop so we had to use the one from the jr high group, which was missing a few songs from our set. And the projecter didn't cooperate with us. I'm sure it was a huge distraction for the congregation, but it got better once everything was fixed. Adrian shared his song "More Than Words" during offering, which was nice. He's gonna be famous someday. Tim Hughes, Matt Redman... Adrian Lee.

Sung approached me after the service and asked me if I would be interested in helping out with EM praise, which surprised me. I guess with Adrian leaving FPC, he needs to fill the void. It's not necessarily joining a praise "team" per se because he wants to continue with having different people leading every Sunday, and he wants me to be one of them. He said he wants more people to try out, not just the same group of people. I told him I'll think about it. It's hard enough doing it for jr high. Unless Paul decides to take over. Ahem.

Dooj and I ruled the ping pong tables. Between him and me, we've seen Ping Pong about 38 times. It probably made a small difference.

I had to pay $50 for a phone that went missing few weeks ago. We still don't know what happened, but the crew is thinking that our regional manager stole it. He's a really shady guy, so I don't blame them. But I think it was just a computer error. The point is, I had to pay $50 because either (a) somebody is a thief, or (b) somebody messed up. Both choices, that somebody is not me. We're splitting the phone price between four of us, and unfortunately Eugene is in that group. He quit three weeks ago, and he still had to deal with this crap. Can you blame him for leaving?

Saturday, October 25, 2003

We are fa-mi-lee.

Nemo's fate.

The path to Mordor.

30 Koreans playing volleyball in a musty gym in a Friday night -- something you don't see everyday. I admit, it was pretty fun. Most of us sucked hardcore, so I didn't feel too bad out there. Our "family" made it to the playoffs, but lost. Shazzbot.

What a boring day at work. Time to go home!

Friday, October 24, 2003


Monday - quesadilla from Taco Mesa for lunch
Wednesday - chicken burrito from Rubio's for lunch
Thursday - carne asada burrito from El Camino Real for lunch

No more Mexican this week. Prease.

Adrian got a job at Best Buy. Mmm home theater system... NO! MUST RESIST! MUST SAVE UP!

Haven't jogged since Tuesday. My legs are still sore. I'm so out of shape.

I think I'll be moving to a new place by next year. I dunno if Adrian still wants to be my roommate, but if he doesn't, I'll still get a place by myself. My credit ain't so good, so I'm going to save up some money for a couple of months and see if I'll have enough for the deposits and all that.

Yeah, I gotta get out of here.

UPDATE: I want to meet this guy and shake his hand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Is nothing sacred?

Just heard Taking Back Sunday's "Cute Without the 'E'" on KROQ.

Damn you, Stryker. Damn you.

Buy Into Heaven

Money back guaranteed! Hah.

Run Boner Run

I've decided to start jogging in the morning. I realized that I eat too much junk food, and I don't exercise at all to counterbalance that. Of course it never shows on my body -- I'll be a thin boy 'til the day I die. But still, after watching Ippo train like a maniac and go from chump to CHAMP on Hajime no Ippo, I was inspired. I will run every other day (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) to church for morning prayer. As Adrian said, it will be good for me both physically and spiritually. Let's see how long he lasts, folks.

Today is Tuesday. So did I start today? Yes I did. And? How was it? I almost puked at church.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

"I know, Jerry. I was being ironical."

Max Payne 2 runs so damn nice on my comp. Correction: ran so damn nice on my comp. I started the game last night. I finished it this afternoon. Damn that's short. Still, it was a blast, uh, blasting guys in slow-mo in a beautiful ballet of bullets. HAHA. Dontcha love how people say "ballet of bullets" whenever they try to describe a cool shootout in a movie or a game? This all started with John Woo flicks. What the hell is "bullet ballet?" Which "clever" dude thought of that one?

What, you've never heard of it before? Maybe it's just me.

I stayed home today and rested. It was nice. I miss staying home and doing nothing. I used to do that everyday only three months ago, then I got a full time job. It's funny -- back then all I had was time, but I didn't have money to buy anything like games or DVD's. Now that I have a job, I can afford to get those things, yet I don't have time to enjoy them.

I can't stand living here anymore. I want out. NOW.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

HP down

I will not be going to church this week. I dunno, I guess I just want to rest. I asked Paul to do praise on Sunday. Denise called me on Thursday and asked me if I could lead praise Friday night since the youth group was going to the beach, and they needed someone to do it for the jr high kids. Thankfully Unfortunately, one of the employees didn't show up, so I couldn't leave early for church. Guess I'll be staying home this weekend.

With three new people at work, I've become the veteran. How funny is that? This much. I started only three months ago and now I'm training these girls (and a guy). That's just not right.

I finished Lullaby. Great book. You won't believe how it ends. How do people think up this kind of stuff? I wish I can come up with something as original.

The Wench made me draw a picture. So I did. Took me only three motherfreakin' hours. I forgot how much I used to enjoy drawing.

Here we go again.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Dodge this.

Wanna be in a movie?

Work sucks. I think I'm going to be fired soon. It's inevitable.

I need a car. Anyone have/know any good deals?

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I got my Radeon today! Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro. Mmmmmmmmmm. Now I need to test it out on something good. I'm looking at you, Max Payne. I also got three new dvds, all Asian. (one Chinese, one Japanese, and one korean)

Where the hell are Steve's parents?

Monday, October 13, 2003

Bang Bang

I saw it again today. I love the song that plays during the fight between Uma and Lucy Liu. I'm getting the freakin' soundtrack tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Here comes the bride.


I had high expectations for this film, and it did not disappoint. Awesome action, awesome music, awesome cinematography, awesome anime (yes, anime), just awesome awesome awesome. Oh and the blood -- good lord THE BLOOD! I loved it. Yes I'm a sicko. Tarantino paid tributes to a lot of old, obscure films that most of the public wouldn't notice, but that film geeks would love. You may call this "copying" or "stealing" or whatever you want, but I say he makes them his own. Look at The Matrix. That movie borrowed heavily from Hong Kong flicks, John Woo, anime, Philip K. Dick, etc. But the Wachowski brothers put all those things together and made a really cool movie that felt fresh. It's a similar case with Kill Bill. The only complaint I have is that the movie was cut in two. The way this "volume" ends, it's done really well. It leaves you wanting more. But I would have preferred it as a three-hour movie. I have to wait 'til February to find out how the whole thing ends. Guess I'm gonna have to see volume one over and over 'til then.

I think Uma can kick Keanu's ass.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm a fucking idiot.

This chubby black guy comes in to the store and asks if I could change four $5 bills for a $20 bill. I tell him I can, check in the cash drawer, pull out the only 20 left, and give it to him. He hands me the four bills. I take it, turn around, and put them back in the drawer. He says, "dude, what is this? You gave me a dollar bill." I look back, and lo and behold, he's holding a dollar bill. Feeling like a moron, I look back in the drawer and tell him we're out of $20 bills. He says he'll just take two 10's. I hand them over. He leaves.

2 seconds after he leaves the store, I realize what just happened. I got fucking duped! I ask Tamara (the new girl) after she comes out of the bathroom if we had any 20's in the drawer. She says we should have just one.

Feeling like an even bigger moron, I bang my head on the desk. Repeatedly.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Aye aye, Cap'n.

fortune cookie says: "Do something unusual tomorrow."

Tomorrow would be Friday, October 10th, aka KBD, as in Kill Bill Day. I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. I've been reading and keeping up with it for about two years. Quentin Tarantino is my hero. He's doing what I want to do -- writing and directing movies, the way he wants to. He is the biggest film geek on earth. He's seen more movies than me and you put together, cubed. He has impeccable taste in music, and uses them perfectly in his movies. And the man can write. Best. Dialogue. Ever.

Think I'm looking forward to Kill Bill?

Tomorrow is also praise night at TGSC, Solo's new church. He's leading it. I'm so proud. Our little keyboardist has grown up. Sniff. It's awesome to see how he's grown and serving God at a whole new place. I'm looking forward to your singing, Solo. Make me cry.

There's a meeting on Sunday for work, at the La Habra store. Apparently it's very important, which means it's very mandatory. It was supposed to be at 10 am (which means I would've missed jr high worship), but they changed it to 6 pm. I would rather have it in the morning than go at the end of the day, but meh.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Oh snap.

I heard a great AM/PM commercial on the radio tonight. It starts with a guy talking about cannibals that like to eat "toes". It's not that funny, but it made me grin like an idiot nonetheless.

Got a new phone. Sony Ericsson T616. Camera-phone. Gonna have some fun with this one. I would post the new number up here, but I don't know if there are any creepy rapists with skinny-white-boy fetish out there reading this, so it'll be up on my AIM profile.

Or just friggin' ask. Damn trolls.

Sunday, October 05, 2003


My stepdad came to church and talked with me for a bit before the jr high worship started. He wanted to visit Grams' grave after service, but come back in time so he can go back with Jason's parents. Doojin graciously let me borrow his car, and we were on our way. We stopped and got white roses for Grams before heading up to Rose Hills. It took some time to find her grave (I haven't visited in a long time). He did that bowing thing that Koreans do. As I sat down and cleaned her plaque, tears started falling from my eyes. I miss her. A lot.

We had a nice talk -- about Mom, their store, aunt Sara and her husband Don and how they live right next to my parents, my job, my plans, etc etc. He had to come back because his visa was about to expire, and he talked about how hard it was to get through the airport security. It was tough because he had been out of the country for two years. He thinks Mom wouldn't be able to come here because of her credit and tax problems. He said they're doing okay in Korea -- business is pretty slow, but they make enough to go on. And Mom's happy since aunt Sara is nearby. Apparently she hasn't been calling because of work, and whenever she does try to contact me, I'm not home. Hmm.

We went back to church and said our goodbyes. He's leaving on Tuesday afternoon, and I won't be able to see him off due to work.

I was supposed to do praise for EM with the Broken Movement team, but I think I lucked out by having to miss the service; it ended at four. They looked like zombies coming out of the sanctuary. "Ahhh, so bright! What day is it?"

I bought dinner for Grace and Amy for "winning" our bet from several months ago. The Wench came too -- I'm sure she enjoyed every painful minute. I lost my phone at the restaurant. I was supposed to give it back to Steve's parents on Tuesday. Great joke, Lord.

Day off tomorrow. Time to relax.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Part I

Nothing worth writing about, except for the fact that I got off work few hours early today. So this post will be filled with some random pictures.

1. Swallowed Whole

A rainbow trout fingerling peers out from the gullet of a northern pike at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game aquarium in Anchorage.

2. A Romp in Russia

A polar bear cub plays near his mother at the Moscow Zoo.

3. Moonshot

Flying at nearly 35,000 feet, a jet passes over the disk of a winter half moon above Boston on Jan. 3 The jet leaves contrails in its wake due to the temperature difference between the hot engine exhaust and the cold air.

4. Red Square Reflection

The Kremlin's Spassky Tower and passers-by are reflected in the wet cobblestones of Moscow's Red Square on Feb. 13.

5. A Galaxy's Sharp Edge

An image produced by the Hubble Space Telescope, released March 1, shows a perfect "edge-on" perspective of the galaxy NGC 4013, with huge clouds of dust and gas extending above the galaxy's main disk.

6. Light of the World

This composite image shows what Earth looks like at night. City lights highlight developed areas of the planet.

7. Mother and Child

An ethnic Albanian refugee from Selce, Macedonia, and her child look through the window of a bus as they arrive in Prizren in Kosovo on March 27, after fleeing the fighting in Macedonia two days earlier.

8. A Useful Lesson

A German Shepherd named Pepper sits with two endangered Bengal tiger cubs and a cougar cub, far right, at the home of veterinarian Rob Zammit outside Sydney, Australia.

9. Great White Whale

A beluga whale swims in a tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.

10. Puppy Love

Crystal, a year-old black Labrador-Dalmatian mix, peers through a heart-shaped hole in a fence.

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Plot Twist

Got two fortunes from a single cookie.

1. An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune.
I guess this pertains to the whole two-fortunes-in-one-cookie thing. Clever girl.

2. Give your business interests top priority next month.
Too bad I'm not a stock broker, let alone a businessman. I'm just gonna take this one as "you're gonna get fired next month."

Then again, this is the same Panda Express that always charges me $6.66 for my meals. EXPRESS, eh. EXPRESS elevator to HELL!

Today, out of the blue, I got a call from my stepdad. Apparently he's in town. What the hell, squared. He wanted me to pick him up and take him to church on Sunday, and go visit Grams' grave. Since he doesn't know that I'm Civic-less now, I told him something about me having to go to church early and not having much time. (which is kinda sorta true) He still wants to meet up after church. That over there... is that DRAMA I see looming over the horizon?

Monday, September 29, 2003


Can't... speak...

Saw... greatest... trailer... evar...

Must... watch... again...

Friday, September 26, 2003

I will not do that thing with my tongue.

Went to the beach early in the morning (7 am to be exact) with Grace. I got some nice fresh ocean air and read a few chapters of Lullaby. I had to come back to Fullerton for work, while Grace stayed so she can reserve a pit for the jr high bonfire tonight.

Heard some news from Robert which kinda made me mad. But I wasn't too surprised.

I'm starting to hate my job. I hate the new girl. And there's another one coming. I hate putting up with stupid customers. If you get a $700 cell phone bill for going over your minutes, don't come in to our store and ask for help. You don't deserve any. Drama, drama, drama.

Eugene let me leave at 6. I went back to the beach with a few kids - Sarah Suh (Mike's younger sister), Anna Cho, James Chung, and his friend Kevin. They were quiet. Too quiet. I tried a few times to start a conversation, but failed miserably. When we got there, we found Grace sitting in the dark by herself. She had been reading and sleeping all day, that nerd. There were hot dogs and junk food, kids running around screaming their bloody little heads off -- the usual beach sights. Suelynn is so dang cute. "Sunburn from the bonfire." The waves looked friggin' AMAZING. They were glowing with these blueish streaks on the side, very very cool.

We didn't get stay that long. We got back to church around 10, and Paul and I had our practice session for Sunday.

EM looks like they're really bonding through this "family" thing. I don't feel like I'm part of it -- just an observer. I missed the retreat, which was when this whole thing pretty much came together, and I haven't been to any of their recent activities. Dustin tells me I'm part of his family, but whatever. I don't have a family.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Game Day

Delayed. :*(

$99! I should have waited.

15 years. I feel so old right now.

Is it a sequel or a remake? It's a movie!

That Max. He's so hot right now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Killing in the Name of

This Chinese lady has been here for two hours. She's pissed 'cause she did an insurance claim and we're not giving her the phone box.


Now she's trying to return the phone (she can't) and get her money back (she can't). Either that or she wants another phone -- Siemens SL56, a $400 phone (oh hell no) -- or get THE MOTHER FREAKIN' BOX.

God, you're cruel.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

"You blew it for us!"

Eugene (our store manager) gave his two week notice yesterday.

He had been saying for a while that he'll quit, and I guess he finally went through with it. I dunno what's going to happen after he's gone. It's going to suck. Big time. I hate the new girl.

On the bright side, Eugene's parents might buy a cell phone store near my apartment (on Artesia and Dale) and he asked me if I would work there with him if it went through. Hell yeah! That would be fan-bloody-tastic!

Friday, September 19, 2003

"They're waiting for you..."

This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. You won't get it if you haven't played Half-Life.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Zug Zug

At work. Alone.

So hungry. Haven't eaten today.

Must. Go. Die. Now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Enter the Hero

How can a movie called Ping Pong be so damn good? That's the most boring title for a movie since... I dunno, I can't even think of one. I mean, come on. It's like changing Remember the Titans to Football. Hey, let's change The Lord of the Rings to Swordfights.

But get past the title and you have nice little movie about friendship. With a dash of Engrish. Oh, and some ping pong.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

"Are you a Mexican... or a Mexican't?"

This movie wouldn't have been that good without Mr. Depp. Why is this guy so cool?

Saturday, September 13, 2003


Didn't go to the retreat.

I stayed a bit longer at work since it was (surprisingly) busy. Then I ran around picking up the computer parts that I ordered last week. The last shipment came in today so I finally started building it.

I love doing this kind of stuff. It took me a few hours to get everything in -- I was extra careful so nothing would go wrong -- unlike last time, when the CPU got fried. Right now I'm in the midst of formatting the new hard drive and installing Windows XP. Ahh the sweet scent of a fresh new computer.

Next project: Legos.

It's a mod, mod world.

I like the second one.

Friday, September 12, 2003

To the Ends of the Earth

With Mark and the rest of EM gone for the weekend because of the retreat, I was "volunteered" to lead praise tonight for the youth group. I thought this was going to be my weekend off since Paul had "volunteered" to lead on Sunday, and I never have to worry about Fridays. I was given the news on Wednesday night, so I had basically two days to prepare. And even with those two days, I couldn't practice that much because of work.

Today I had "training for new hires" for about three hours, and after that I came home for a brief period to type out the powerpoint slides for tonight. I had to go back to work until seven, but thankfully Eugene let me go an hour early so I can go to church and set up. I was running around moving equipment, setting up the computer, and all that fun stuff -- talk about stress. I dunno why I was stressing out -- maybe because I haven't led praise for the youth group (by myself) in like... four years. And I didn't know what to expect -- how the kids would be, without all the instruments, without all the good equipment, without the backup singers -- just me and the guitar. I prayed for a bit before going up, which helped me calm down. And right after the first song -- "Breathe" -- my "fears" were gone. It was phenomenal. Kids were singing! No, praising! They were crying out, and it had barely even started. I didn't even have to look, I could hear it. In fact, I barely looked out like twice during the whole time. My eyes were closed -- and I praised right along with them.

God is so good.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

From Bad to... Badass!

Allow myself to geek out for a second.


Whew. That's better.

That's right kiddos. From American Psycho to out-Neo-ing Keanu in Equilibrium to donning the cape and cowl in the new Batman flick. Great actor for a great character. And with Christopher Nolan (director of Memento) attached to helm it, I have high hopes for this bad boy.

More kickass stuff:

After Return of the King, this is the movie I've been waiting to see all year. It's gonna kick so much ass. You can have your Matrix. I'll take Tarantino over the Wachowskis any day.

This day has turned itself around.

"You gotta be aggressive! Don't let them go!"

It's barely 2, and it's already been a bad day. Our regional manager is here to "help us out" and it's pure torture. I've been messing up a lot, and made a huge mistake on one of the invoices.

Not fun. At all.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

"Is this what you guys do? Anything else?"

Looks like I'm going to the EM retreat after all, albeit only for a day. Doojin has been generous enough to let me use his car this weekend, so I can head up to the retreat site on Saturday, after work. Thanks, Dooj.

Happy birthday to Eric Cho, the other half of "the Chonnection." To celebrate, we'll be feasting on goat goach, amazon style.

Notice the weather getting cooler (at night/morning)? Me too.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

I am Jack's parrow.

Dustin wrote an interesting post today on his xanga about him not being gay. The best part is in the last two paragraphs, where he comes up with a theory-of-sorts on "being a Man". Most of his points are true, I think. The only point I disagree on is when he says that the "so called gay people" are really just men with high levels of femininity that openly accept it.

But Dustin, not all gay guys are feminine.

I will not be going to the EM retreat next week. There's some stuff going on at work and I can't take another weekend off. I already got my share of worship and "getting back to God" at the youth group retreat, so I think it'll be alright. Since I'm not going, I won't be needing the guitar amp (yet). So I'm going to build a new computer. I will be getting the parts in next week. Exciting stuff.

Friday, September 05, 2003


... is today.

Gotta love Fridays, especially the Fridays when I get paid. Sometimes the paycheck is lower than what I'm supposed to get (i.e. today) but it's still a lot better than what I used to get at Islands. It's strange actually having a positive balance in my bank account. I feel... secure. I can actually pay for stuff! Coooooool.

What to do with this new found security?

- Buy an amp for my electric guitar. I've been eyeing the Vox Valvetronix AD60VT (w/optional foot controller). This thing may look small, but sounds really nice and loud for its size. It has a lot of effects too, so I won't need to get additional pedals or anything.

- Build a new computer. My computer has served me well the past two years, but it can't handle the new games programs. I also want to start learning how to edit videos and pictures so I can be cool like Andy.

- Buy a bike. I was supposed to get a bike with Adrian as soon as I had enough money, but I kinda forgot about it until now. There's a two-for-one deal going on at this bike shop near my apartment. I dunno if he's still interested. Maybe we should just focus on finding a new place for us first.

- Save up for a car. Probably used. I have horrible/no credit, so I can't get a new car. What about my Civic? It's long gone. I didn't like it anyway.

- Pay back the people that I owe. When I was struggling without a job and money, several people helped me out. HUGE thanks to them, 'cause without them I dunno what I would have done. You know who you are. Most of them -- actually, all of them -- helped me out without asking me to pay them back, but I intend to.

I can't do all those things at once. I need to choose one. The most likely choice would be the Vox 'cause I really need an amp, especially for the EM retreat. But I'm not sure if I can go, with work and all. Even if I do go, I would have to go up late since I have some training thing that Friday. Saving up would be easy to do. Or is it? I could just pay back some of the people, but I can't pay them all back. I'd rather do that all at once, not one person at a time. Bike, I'm not too sure about. It would definitely be better than the skateboard (less falling = less scrapes = less chance of me looking like an ass), and faster too. I'd rather get a new computer than a bike, though.

Dammit, I dunno.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

"I still think you’re the shit."

Sometimes I wonder why I am the way I am.

No, I haven't been listening to Eminem.

If my life had been different -- had siblings, grew up in a different country, lived in a different time period, raised by both parents, born into a rich family -- would I still be the skinny, sarcastic shmuck I see everyday in the mirror when I brush my teeth? I'm not saying that I'm unhappy with how I turned out. It's just, days like today, I wonder...

Can it be better?

Can it be worse?

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


Stupid new IT smacktard from the corporate office came down and "fixed" our computer -- now we can't use Windows Media Player, Winamp, or Kazaa.

That's right friends. No movies. No music.

How will I live?! Do they actually expect me to start working now?


Monday, September 01, 2003

Anthem for the Bored

It's noon on Labor Day. That can only mean...

sitting here at work!!!

twiddle my thumbs just for a bit
I'm sick of all the same old shit

- "Longview"

Friday, August 29, 2003

The Friday Five

1. Are you going to school this year?
Nope. And I'm not planning to.

2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college, etc.)? If no, when did you graduate?
Graduated high school in '98. Still working on college. (well not really right now, but you know what I mean) So I'm slow. Sue me.

3. What are/were your favorite school subjects?
I liked art and history. And woodshop was pretty fun.

4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects?
Want more proof that I'm not really Asian? Check out my calculus grades from my senior year in high school. Oh, and econ bored me to tears.

5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite?
My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Wildman. Honestly, how can you not like a guy named Mr. Wildman? And he was like 6' 2". In sixth grade, that's like 20 feet. He taught us to breathe in a paper bag when we had hiccups. He quoted Shakespeare at least three times a week. Mostly during tests. "Number one was 'C'. Number two... 'B'... or not 'two B'. That is the question..." He taught us witty comebacks. "Hey, your girlfriend's calling you." "Which one?" He introduced us to the (horrible) world of dances. You'll pay for that, Wildman. I'll find you some day.

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

I had a dream that I had long(er) hair again. I kinda actually want to grow it out, but it's just so damn comfortable like this.

My mom was supposed to call me yesterday, but she didn't. If she couldn't call that day, she was supposed to call today, but she didn't. In a way, I'm relieved. I want to know how she's doing, but I don't want to talk to her.

Do I make any sense?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


would you believe me if I said
that we are the ones who can make the change in the world today
would you believe me if I said
that all of the dreams in your heart can come true today
would you believe me if I said
that life could be all that you want it to be today

and if I had wings I would fly
'cause all that I need, You are
and if the world caved in around me
to You I'd still hold on
'cause You're all that I believe
and the One that created me
Jesus, because of You
I'm free

would you believe me if I said
that God can make miracles happen today
would you believe me if I said
that you don't need to wait for the answers before you step out in faith
would you believe me if I said
that nothing is ever impossible for God

and if I had wings I would fly
'cause all that I need, You are
and if the world caved in around me
to You I'd still hold on
'cause You're all that I believe
and the One that created me
Jesus, because of You
I'm free

just live your life with God inside
you won't regret one moment of it
and give all that you can for God
for God

and if I had wings I would fly
'cause all that I need, You are
and if the world caved in around me
to You I'd still hold on
'cause You're all that I believe
and the One that created me
Jesus, because of You
I'm free

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

"This tortilla is excellent."

I'm sure everyone who was at the retreat will be posting about it on their blogs/xangas/whatevertheyhave, so I'm gonna keep this nice and short.

It was indescribably awesome.

And with the highs come the lows. Right when I come back home (from the post-retreat party at Doojin's house), they hit me with a low blow. A test from God? Probably. Will I pass or fail? Stay tuned, folks.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Status: 30 minutes away from Sunday

Today we had our last practice session for the retreat. We went over the two major sets, and spent the remaining time in prayer. We're all excited, and have great expectations for this retreat. I really haven't felt this way about any other one -- that's gotta mean something, right?

Can't really think of anything else to write. I'm friggin' tired. We've been practicing hard for months for this. Time to witness the payoff.

I'll be back on Tuesday.

Friday, August 22, 2003

c/o 1998

This is so damn weird.

I found some of my old high school buddies on Friendster. I haven't seen or talked to them in five years. It's interesting to read some of their testimonials 'cause majority of them are about fond memories of school.

Funny, I don't have any "fond" memories of school. School sucked.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Oh baby, oh yeah.

Boring day at work.

All I've been thinking about is the retreat. I think it's going to be big. No, huge. It's gonna change lives.

I can't, for the life of me, get up in time for morning prayer. I'm gonna try one more time tomorrow.

I signed up for Friendster. Kill me. Kill me now. Or invite me. Whichever you prefer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Monday, August 18, 2003

King of Majestic Falling

Remember when I ate it pretty big that one day? Well that was nothing compared to what happened today. I was going home from Doojin's house, and I didn't see the huge crack on the street. The skateboard stopped (never fails) and I flew out like the crazy virus monkey from 28 Days Later. I fell really hard and scraped up my right hand and left shoulder. I even got a little scrape on the big scar on my left arm. I might get a scar on a scar on a scar. (the other one is from Susan Cho's dried-ice)

It wasn't until I stepped in front of the gate of my apartment that I realized that I had dropped my cell phone. I put some crap on the scrapes, then went back to the crash site to look for the phone. I was sure that someone would've found it and taken it, or that it would've been crushed by a car. I got there about 45 minutes after, and lo and behold, it was still there. Motherfreaking miracle.

Status: 6 days to go.

Things that piss me off:

- old men with hearing problems. They make me raise my voice, and I don't like yelling at them. It makes me feel like a punkass.

- ex-employees that come by and act like they still work here. He got caught stealing stuff and doing other shady things, so someone tell me why he's even allowed to set his foot inside the store. And he looks at pr0n.

- damn ants.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

You want gum?

I finished my part of the "secret project" just a while ago, and it was pretty fun. Lots of laughs. I hope the kids enjoy it as much as we had making it. It should be pretty obvious what we did, so ya'll should have figured it out by now.

Today we had our last official meeting for the youth group retreat. It was long, but good. Pastor James, the guest speaker, joined us for the meeting and we got to discuss our goals and expectations for the retreat. He seemed like a nice guy, even though he's a self-admitted FOB. It seemed like he understood what our theme was, and what we exactly wanted to teach and achieve through it. We were a bit worried because the theme is not exactly simple and clearly defined, and we thought he might have trouble understanding what it was. But no worries.

There will be prayer meetings at 6 am, every morning this week, focusing on the retreat. I dunno if I can come out, but I'm going to try to make at least one.

Three praise practice sessions this week. They're gonna be long. They're gonna be grueling. Fun times ahead.

Status: 7 days to go.

Saturday, August 16, 2003


Freaking ants! I hate you! Stay off my tender legs! Just stay out of my room, period!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Dream a little dream.

I ate it pretty big on the way to work this morning. There's this little incline on the parking lots on Gilbert. I was going down pretty fast when the board hit a small rock. It did a stop-on-a-dime and I friggin' flew out and landed on my left arm. No injuries, just a couple of small scrapes. At least I entertained a few passer-bys.

I didn't get to work on the project at all. I picked out some songs and practiced for Sunday. Then fell asleep.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

This is how we do it in the O.C.!

I just got done with the eye exam. It was kinda fun, actually. Turns out my eyes aren't too bad; he just prescribed glasses that I can put on at night or when things get blurry. The lenses made a world of a difference, though. It's going to take a few days for the glasses to arrive. My road to geekdom is paved and ready.

The guys are going to the Angels game tonight, but I don't think I could go with them; I have to get crackin' on the project for the retreat, which is due Saturday. Tomorrow I have another practice with the band, and Friday's full, so today is basically the only day that I can work on it.

Happy birthday, Dirty.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I like it. I like it a lot.

The youth group retreat is less than two weeks away. Things are getting pretty hectic -- we'll have five more practices with the Broken Movement team, and then there's that special project that I'm also involved in. It seems like we're not ready... we better get to it! It's going to be tough. Lord, have mercy.

I made an appointment for an eye exam on Wednesday. I'll finally get glasses. Can't wait.

I'm strange.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

The Snack Fairy paid me a visit today. What a pleasant surprise.

We're out of toilet paper at work. Not a pleasant surprise.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

"A-ha! You really think I can be defeated so easily? Now I'll show my true potential!"

Remember Superman the Movie? With Christopher Reeve? There's a scene early on when he's a teenager -- he's late for school, so he decides to run there and zooms right by a speeding train. Well I, too, raced a train today. (on my skateboard)

And lost.

Next time I won't be so easy on it.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

"Have you been molested too?"

Few things to write about:

Praise and Prayer Night - Went well, I think. It's nice to witness people praising.

Lan Party (aka. LANstrosity) - We didn't get to play that much because the CS tournament went on for too long, but it was still fun. Thanks to Adrian who made it happen. It'll be even better next time.

Working after getting no sleep - Not fun, nor recommended. I looked like a zombie. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaain...

Reservoir Dogs - I just realized today that this movie is layered with homoerotic undertones. The scene after the opening credits -- with Mr. White and Mr. Orange -- it's just... strange. Makes me feel weird. I keep expecting them to kiss, like that time when Conan O'Brien and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog started making out after singing some Christmas song.

Living situation - I need to find a place really soon. So far, Brea seems to be the frontrunner.

The Dirties - Nice picture. I especially like the yellow glow around the hands. It's like they're filled with the Force or something -- either that or it's a sign of malaria (or dyspepsia).

Friday, August 01, 2003


Praise & Prayer tonight at church. It'll be focused on the summer retreats that are coming up. Jr high, youth group, EM -- everyone's welcome. Let's rock the house down.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Old men that eat alone at restaurants make me sad. Is that what I get to look forward to?

Another reason to go early.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

"For death and glory?"
"We'll get the rapies."

I read through some old blogposts yesterday, and it made me realize that I write some stupid crap on here. But it was kinda fun reading about what I was going through back then. Guess that's all that matters.

The mission team is back. Sort of. They had to go to Colorado for debriefing of sorts. I didn't plan on going to the airport for the whole "welcoming" thing, yet there I was -- at LAX, sitting on the hard, uncomfortable chair and waiting for them to emerge out of customs. I shouldn't have gone. I was tired and cranky, and I just wanted to be sleeping on my comfy bed at home.

Adrian and I had our share of laughs at the Korean restaurant where we had dinner. Why do we laugh at the MOST STUPIDEST THINGS? And how do we come up with them?

Dirty, your glasses are friggin' HOT.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Lots of stuff going on this week -- praise & prayer night, LAN party, softball, mission team coming back, preparing the "secret project" for the retreat, and so on and so on.

Oh and working 8 hours a day.

I had Islands for lunch yesterday. So greasy, but so good.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

From Brain Persuasion Test:

Daniel, you are mildly left-hemisphere dominant while showing a slight preference for auditory processing. This overall combination seems to indicate a well-working blend of logic and judgment and organization, with sufficient intuition, perception and creativity to balance that dominance.

You will at times experience conflict between how you feel and what you think which will generally be resolved in favor of what you think. You will find yourself interested in the practical applications of whatever material you have learned or whatever situation you face and will retain the ability to refine whatever knowledge you possess or aspects of whatever position you are in.

By and large, you will orient yourself toward intellectual activities and structure. Though not rigid, you will schedule yourself, plan, and focus on routine and continuity of operations, rather than on changes and disruptions

When changes or disruptions occur, you are likely to consider first how to ensure that such disruptions do The same balance is reflected in your sensory preference. You will tend to be reflective and measured in your interaction style. For the most part, you will be considered objective without being cold and goal-oriented while retaining the capacity to listen to others.

Preferentially you learn by listening and maintaining significant internal dialogues with yourself. Nevertheless, you have sufficient visualization capabilities to benefit from using graphs, charts, doodles, or even body movement to enhance your comprehension and memory.

To the extent that you are even implicitly aware of your hemispheric dominance and sensory style, you will feel most comfortable in those arenas which emphasize verbal skills and logic. Teaching, law, and science are those that stand out among the professions, along with technical sales and management.

"Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

Listen to three highschool valleygirls yap about thier "bomb diggity" phone that got stolen. And try not to reach out across the counter and slap 'em across their empty noggin'. I dare ya.

And it begins.

Everytime I think I've finished being young, I catch myself having fun.
But the moment passes as the sun moves on.
So I turn myself back to you.

I'm sorry ladies, but I'm officially off the market.

This boat has sailed.

All complaints shall be forwarded to the evil wench on the dirty boat.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

What a crummy day. I messed up bad at work. For some odd reason it was busy at the store today, and the fact that it was Eugene's day off didn't exactly help. I didn't get a lunch break, and didn't eat all day, so I broke the fast today. I didn't eat a full meal -- just some snacks. The skate home was kinda tough on an empty stomach. I fell on the bed after getting home and nearly fell asleep, but I realized that I would wake up in the middle of the night if I slept so early.

Rebecca from Islands came by. We didn't really work together that much, but she still remembered me. She wanted to change her phone plan so I helped her out. I found out that Robert, my old host buddy, is still working there. I'm gonna pay him a visit soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

skateboarding at night = one of few simple pleasures of life

Going down Doojin's street was fun. Going beneath the train tracks on Dale was scary though. It was dark -- reminded me of the tunnel scene from 28 Days Later.

I'd just like to take this time to point out the fact that Johnny Depp is a friggin' good actor. Well everyone knows this now that they've seen Pirates of the Caribbean, but seriously, he's great in every film he's in. Check out Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas if you haven't already. Brilliant.

Just watch and be amused.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Wake up and smell the coffee. Let's get cracking on this little retreat thing, shall we? Maybe I'm just pissy now that I work fulltime, but tonight's meeting felt totally pointless. We have no freakin' idea what we're doing. We need to get with the program.

On a better note, I think the new 7th graders are pretty cool. It was fun breakin' ice with them.

I am so damn tired.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

This week has been relatively uneventful, except when I got abducted by a gangster alien from Mars.

Today I --

-- sweated to the oldies. I'm getting better on the skateboard, I think.

-- watched a goofy Japanese dude make Royce Gracie (only the 3 time UFC champ) look like a little chump.

-- fell on my ass right in front of a customer. Literally.

-- didn't sell any phones. Probably because I fell on my ass right in front of a customer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I had a dream that I was in Good Charlotte.

What a fucking nightmare.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Ascii Matrix. Pretty cool, but it takes a while to load.

You are what you eat. I heard about this on Kevin & Bean the other day -- turns out it's true.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

The Friday Five

Haven't done this in a while.

1. Do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?
Of course I remember him. Just not his name. "I was just a stupid kid back then."

2. Are you still in touch with this person?
No. Something craptacular happened, and we never spoke after that.

3. Do you have a current close friend?

4. How did you become friends with this person?
Hmm... I don't remember.

5. Is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?
Matt Wheeler. We were friends since 6th grade, but in high school he became one of those popular kids and started hanging out with a different crowd. He got too cool for me.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

"Wait, are those homemade? Nice!"

Mmmmm... cookies.

Today was the second day of training, and it went pretty well. Learned more about phones, rate plans, and all that good junk. I'm getting the hang of it. I got my first activitation -- basically means I sold my first phone, which was cool.

Eugene (the manager, and Robert's friend) had like 10 visitors (friends) today at work. He said that this "never" happens, and didn't know why so many people chose today to come. Meh. Whatever. I got a visitor too. Remember kids, it's quality over quantity.
I spent all day wearing a friggin' tie.

Looks like my prayer's been finally answered. No, not about the tie. I finally landed a job. I dropped off my resume at PCS Station (Cingular) in Amerige Heights on Monday, and I officially had an interview yesterday at their corporate office. I was supposed to do the interview with a lady named Vicki -- I think she's the regional manager or something like that -- but she wasn't there. So I had to do it with Leon. Who's Leon? Oh he's no one special. He's just the vice president of the freaking company. And a lot of people are scared of him. But I didn't know that until after the interview. It wasn't so bad, he was a pretty cool guy. He did make a comment about me standing with my hands in my pocket, though. I was officially hired, did all the paperwork, went to the La Habra store and did some training with Robert. The job itself doesn't seem too hard, but it was a bit overwhelming 'cause it was my first day. A big thanks goes out to Robert and his friend Eugene, they made all this possible. And thanks to Doojin -- he's been driving me around like the bus driver that he's become. (I could walk from now on, the store is pretty close.)

I'm on as a full-time sales rep. I'll be working pretty much everyday except Sunday. I've been praying for it because I have so much free time, and I need money, so I'm glad it happened. But now I'll have no life. You had no life anyway. Okay, true. But before I had lots of time to do something if the opportunity came up. Now I have no time. At least I won't feel like a worthless bum.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Couple of job opportunies have popped up: Robert's friend is the manager at Cingular in Amerige Heights and they might have an opening. And Steve told me 24 Hour Fitness is looking for sales counselors that can speak Korean; apparently they want more Korean members. They both involve sales. Talking, interacting with people. Not really my forte, but we'll see what happens.

I'm giving the military more thought. Seeing Eddie today reminded me that I still have an option to join. Sounds much more possible than teaching in Korea, anyway.

A million thoughts are running in my head. I miss the days when life was simple.

The highlight of this week was sitting on the cool grass with her, watching little kids doing what kids do at the playground. For that brief moment, I forgot about everything.

I must be going insane -- I wish I was a kid again.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

*edit: Arnold's looking damn good for a guy in his 50's. (credit: Solo)

The movie rocks. I was expecting the worst after I saw those horrible trailers, but thankfully it turned out to be much better than they suggested. Action was good, the fx were good, the new T-X was good, Arnie was good. I kinda miss Eddie Furlong and his cracking voice though. Cool ending too. Looking forward to T4.

Too bad for Paul, he missed out; we couldn't find him.

Monday, June 30, 2003

On the walk home from the parking lot -
"Hey man. You Chinese? Hehe. Can you give me 50 cents? Hehe."
First you make fun of me, then you ask me for money? Were you raised by retarded monkeys, kid?

Speaking of kids, if I ever have any, they ain't gonna learn piano. That thing weighs a motherfreaking ton. We all got hernias.

McG needs to go back to directing music videos. He seems to like Prodigy, he should direct one for them. This guy better not direct Superman like I've been hearing.

Life is beautiful. Right?

"The Boney King of Nowhere"

in pitch dark
I go walking in
your landscape
broken branches
trip me as I speak
just because you feel it
doesn't mean it's there
just because you feel it
doesn't mean it's there

there's always a siren
singing you to shipwreck
steer away from these rocks
we'd be a walking disaster
just because you feel it
doesn't mean it's there
just because you feel it
doesn't mean it's there

there there

why so green and lonely
and lonely
heaven sent you to me
to me
to me

we are accidents
waiting to happen
we are accidents
waiting to happen

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Blogger got screwed up. I posted, but the server was down or something. I ain't typing all that up again.

I just leave you with this:
Rachel Leigh Cook is pretty in She's All That.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Calvin: Let's try this path over here!
Hobbes: I don't see a path.
Calvin: We'll make a path!

I went to the beach with Dirty Di.* She frolicked in the sand while I just sat and watched. Good times.

I got my Amelie fix. I like that movie more after seeing it again. It's pretty brilliant.

I hung out with Amy and Grace, and watched Bruce Almighty. (again) Now that Amy's seen it, she has teamed up with Grace and they're adding it to the ever-growing list of movies that are about Daniel Cho.**

Steve got cut pretty bad after he tried to "break in" to our apartment through the window -- he forgot his keys inside. I couldn't help him 'cause I was 20 miles away. Poor guy. Hope he's okay.

* (c) 2003 Daniel Cho.
** Two, now three movies on the list. You know what they are.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Well Best Buy didn't call. Of course they didn't. Like I actually expect something decent to happen in my life.

The day wasn't a total bust though:

- had steak and eggs for lunch, courtesy of Paul.
- got to see "French Fry and Fish Fillet" in doll form. Good work, Di.
- had instrument practice with Adrian, Dooj, and Doos. My parts are so easy. I hope people don't figure out that I'm basically playing three notes, over and over.

I suddenly got an urge to see Amelie.

"Urge to kill... rising."
I woke up 'cause it's too damn hot in here.

Must. Go. Back. To. Bed.

Monday, June 23, 2003

We practiced for the youth group retreat today. It was hella long. It started out pretty rough -- they're doing construction stuff on the whole building, including the main sanctuary, so it was really messy and chaotic in there. Plus it reeked of paint. Paint reekage = headaches = fun times. Everybody was pretty much out of it, so we just spontaneously stopped the practice and prayed for each other for like an hour. After that, it was all good. I'm glad Doosuan joined the team; it's nice to have another electric guitar. I couldn't do all the crazy solos by myself.

Kim MSN is letting me use his Accord for this week. I don't know how to react when people help me out like this. I'm not used to it -- it's foreign to me. I know I'm supposed to say "thank you," but even that takes effort. Why am I this way?



My posts have been pretty short lately. Di'ja notice?
I was skating home (from my car) through my neighborhood around 9 o'clock when this little hispanic girl looks at me from her front lawn and says, "Hi." I said "hey" back, and she said "hi" again as I went past her. Cute.

Trailer for JU-ON 2. That clicking burp noise is hella creepy. And cool.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

This part between my right eye and my nose, it keeps twitching. Does this mean I'm stressed? I thought it was cool at first, but now... wait, I still think it's cool.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Got my car back.

The talent show went pretty well. Paul and Heidi's act was the best. Paul is the funniest guy in the friggin' world. And if you didn't come, you missed out on Adrian's crazy U2 performance.

I'm so stressed that I can barely move. It's taking too much energy for me to type this, so I'm gonna end here.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Life is beautiful.
Life is beautiful.
Life is beautiful.
Life is bea...

na na na na na na na
please don't tell me everything is wonderful now

na na na na na na na
I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

- Everclear

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Sunday was Father's Day.

Amy commented that I looked like my dad when she was looking through my pictures [on Sunday]. (I disagree -- I think I look more like my mom.)

I saw Finding Nemo today, which is basically a father-son story.

What does this all mean? I dunno. Is He trying to tell me something? I dunno.

Couple of weeks ago, Kim MSN said in his sermon that self-esteem is mostly influenced by your parents. Most Asian fathers are not affectionate, and come off cold and distant to their kids. This ultimately results in [Asian] kids that are intelligent and overachieving, yet suffering with low self-esteem. If what Kim MSN said is true, that means my dad has shaped me into who I am. Whether I like it or not.

"What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? Didn't Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?"
No, sir. I guess they didn't, sir.

"I feel bigger." - The Beast, currently taking Creatine

I started off the day by going to Kim MSN's place for lunch; they threw a little get-together for all the college graduates. Sadly, there was no carne this time. Dooj and I had to leave early to prepare for the retreat praise practice.

The practice went okay. I was again reminded how bad I suck on the guitar. I am the sUx. We watched a video on leading worship, which was pretty helpful. And we tried something new -- we spent the whole time just doing one song -- just analyzing what's going on each part, working on each transistion, figuring out what's needed and what's not, stuff like that. It's not something that we've really tried before, so we're not really good at it, but I think in the long run it'll help us a lot. It was definitely a challenge for me.

I love riding my skateboard late at night. If I didn't live in this ghetto neighborhood, I would stay out longer than five minutes.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Another Weekend Roundup

Thursday Night/Friday Morning
The craj happened. It's just... wow.

Yeah. It's kinda like that.

The rest of Friday
Didn't sleep at all. Went to Parks' 8th grade graduation, which was at 9 in the freakin' morning. Why so damn early? They gotta make those kids suffer one last time? And their parents and family along with them? It was pretty long, and boring. We took pictures and stuff afterwards. I fell asleep in the car on the way back to church. I helped Denise shop for the Sea World trip and also for Amy's birthday gift. Went home around 2 pm and conked out on my bed.

I woke up at 6:30. Headed back to church. Went to Youth Group praise, then to the family meeting at A&J's. Both pretty dry. We had a lock-in for the jr high kids that were going to Sea World the next day. I wrote a new song (with Paul's help): "Jesus, tu eres mi amigo." It has just one part: "Jesus, tu eres mi amigo." I'm going national, kids.

We woke up around 7 and headed to Sea World. They actually have rides there now. Crazy. The dolphin show was cool. ("Wow! Look at those! Dolphins!") The haunted lighthouse show in 3D was friggin' gay. The only notable thing about that was it had that girl from The Ring. Yup, Samara. The Shamu show was kinda disappointing. They're not as mobile as the dolphins, so they weren't as impressive. And that can't be the
same Shamu I saw in 8th grade. I'm sure they replace him/her every year or so. Wild Arctic (the helicopter ride) was awesome. What kind of amazing helicoper goes under water?

Those jr high kids laugh at everything I say. Kids are so easy.

We celebrated Amy's birthday at this Peruvian restaurant in Anaheim. I felt like I was out of my element since it was the first time meeting some of her friends, and I was the second youngest there. But it wasn't too bad. And the food was pretty good. Amazing.

I'm glad she liked my gift. I thought it would disappoint.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

SPAM this.

What the hell is wrong with you Internet spammers? Stop sending me emails telling me I need viagra!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

New Noise

when the day is over
and the doors are locked on us
'cause money buys the access
and we can't pay the cost
how can we expect anyone to listen
if we are using the same old voice
we need new noise
new art for real people

we dance to all the wrong songs
we enjoy all the wrong moves
we dance to all the wrong songs
we're not leading
we dance to all the wrong songs
we enjoy all the wrong moves
we dance to all the wrong songs
we're not leading

the new beat
the new beat
the new beat
the new beat...

This is it. It all starts now. The movement. The revolution.

Get ready for a kick in the crotch.

Don't look at me like that.

You haven't lived 'till you skateboard through Buena Park (or any other city for that matter) at 1:30 in the morning.

No cars. No people.

Just you, and the lights. The little sprinkles of rain (if you are lucky enough) should heighten the experience.

Just don't come crying to me if you get mugged (or worse).

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