Sunday, December 01, 2002

"It was ghostly..."

Pretty tired, but I'm gonna blog since I actually have something to blog about.

I went to the Switchfoot concert at the Roxy.
It was pretty fun, and the band was much better than I thought they would be. The lead singer/guitarist was really good, and even though there was another guitarist (an Asian guy), he ended up playing most of the guitar parts, which was really impressive. The biggest surprise though is that I actually liked the opening bands. People tend to ignore the opening bands 'cause: (a) they usually suck, (b) they're no-namers, (c) both A & B. Well they were none of those. I especially liked the first band, Everybody Else. It was a simple 3-piece rock band, and they sounded very much like The Strokes, and if you have any taste at all, you should know that's definitely a GOOD thing. The second band was Noise Ratchet. They seemed to be a bit more popular with the crowd, and I could see why. They played with insane amount of energy, jumping, hopping, banging, and flinging their instruments around, especially the long-haired bassist. That guy was nuts.

We got a little lost trying to get home after the show, and ended up touring the big houses of Beverly Hills.
Oh and we saw some she-men.
Let's just end it at that.

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