Friday, December 27, 2002

Back from the quest.

We didn't really do a whole lot, but the trip was filled with "little" moments.
Some highlights:

"Lugged. So lugged."
"Lugged Riner."
"Ugged Riner."
"You are one ugged mother."

"Is this it? Is this all you can conjure up Solomon?"

"What is this?"

"Korea snack."

"You guys go and follow him."
"Come on. There's gonna be pretty girls there."
"I have a girlfriend!"
"Not for you. For him."
"No! Don do dat!"
"It's a trap Boy."
"It's an ambush."

"He looks like you."
"Him. A little."
"Hahaha. No way."
"Yeah you do! A little."
"Okay okay he's my dad too."

"Hey your stepmom thinks I look like your dad."




Minhee: Thanks! Hope you have a great retreat.

Boy: The quest for Vegas has ended. The quest for Diego has just begun.


Tomorrow we'll be heading down to San Diego for the Christmas Conference.
We'll be back next Thursday, I think.

Feel free to post some stuff while I'm gone and make my neglected blog happy.


Last week of December, last week of 2002.
That means... yeah.

who are you?
when will you be through?
yeah it's just a phase
it will be over soon
yeah it's just a phase
yeah it's just a ...phase
(and I'm waiting for it to be over too)

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